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Unsuccessful notes with Dmitry Krylov all recent issues in a row

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Смотреть передачу Непутевые заметки 2019-2020 с ведущим Дмитрием Крыловым все выпуски по порядку

About the plot of the program “Unlucky Notes with Dmitry Krylov” 2019-2021 on Channel One / Tourism / Travel / Russia

эThat remarkable informative project “Dispensable Notes with Dmitry Krylov,” a program on Channel One - has become a television guide to the most hidden corners of the planet. The very first release of the program, the author of which was Dmitry, was aired back in the distant 1991 year. This telecast was very different from the generally accepted format of projects, and therefore she immediately had a large number of fans and viewers across the country.

The viewers were bribed by the fact that the author’s view was completely subjective and not biased. He talked about the life of the West, which sometimes looked rather naive, and sometimes ironic. Krylov did not want to show that he was an expert in the life of Western people. The man was simply very sincere with his audience and fans, so the thought immediately arose that they independently discovered the secrets of a world unfamiliar to them before.

Initially, the episodes of the program came out quite rarely - when new materials appeared about a particular place on the globe. But after 1996, the program was broadcast on TV with enviable regularity. For all the time that the project exists, the film crew has managed to visit the most unusual places in the world, collecting a huge amount of interesting information about them.

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    • Genres: Tourism, Хобби and hobbies
    • Year of creation: 1996
    • Release date in RF: 7 April 1996
    • A country: Russia
    • TV channel: First 1
    • Host: Dmitry Krylov



Authors YouTube channel “Primitive Technology” Creating everyday objects in the wild without tools | Online update



Images from the TV show "Unlucky Notes with Dmitry Krylov" Channel One 2019-2020 | Photo of the host


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