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Unequal marriage serial (2012) watch online melodrama Russia

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Смотреть фильм Неравный брак 2012 онлайн бесплатно все серии подряд на 1 канале

About the plot of the series "Unequal marriage" 2012 Online / 117 Series / Melodrama / Channel One / Russia 

нin the sports ring the hero Unequal Marriage 2012 series online fighter without rules Egor makes a love offer for marriage to a girl named Alice. The girl is beside herself with happiness, because every girl is waiting for her, but thanks to the young man’s activities, the couple has a huge number of detractors.

Mother is not very happy with her son's choice and hopes that the boy will pay attention to her classmate Katya and change the decision. This contributes to other troubles. Alice's father owed a huge amount of money, and his comrade Sultan needed a wife represented by this particular girl. In the fate of the beautiful women begin to play female intrigue, men's envy and self-interest, as well as revenge from frustration.

The girl has no choice but to agree to this marriage and become an unloved and unloving wife, accept Caucasian roots and go according to the will of her father. No gifts, no travel, which zadarivaet young wife spouse can not change the relationship. However, actions change a lot and immediately.

Sultan’s concern for her family defrosts the girl’s heart and she begins to fall in love with her husband. However, many times it will be possible to be disappointed in the behavior of men. Will the newlyweds be able to be with each other? Will they experience sincere feelings? Will they be happy? All the answers to these questions will be available after viewing this fascinating action-packed melodrama.



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A country: Russia

Wrong marriage 2012 1 channel - Release date and information about the series:

Directed by: Lev Grishin, Vitaly Babenko, Sergey Tereshchuk, Dmitry Makeev, Vladimir Kharchenko-Kulikovsky, Yury Muzyka, Alexander Kuznetsov, Mikhail Bogdasarov, Philip Korshunov, Anna Drannikova, Roman Gapanyuk, Natalia Mikryukova
Writers: Yuri Kamenetsky, Yevgeny Frolov, Philip Korshunov, Ekaterina Anderson
Operators: Vladimir Artyukhov, Alexander Goncharov, Dmitry Makoveev, Yuri Bless, Ruslan Shapiro, Vladislav Berkovets
Composer: Yuri Alyabov
Artists: Alexander Burkov, Catherine Kovyneva
Producers: Nina Birkadze, Yuri Kamenetsky, Eugene Shchedrin, Alexander Levin, Vitaly Babenko

Actors: Anna Antonelli, Dmitry Brusnikin, Oleg Solovyov, Elena Kostina, Alexander Tolmachev, Sergey Barkovsky, Alla Dovlatova, Victoria Poltorak, Alexander Kuznetsov, Samson Revazyan, Vladimir Gorislavets, Lilia Lavrova, Maria Antipova, Valentina Suleimanova, Tatyana Gorchakova, Pavel Klimov, Oleg Semysynov, Ivan Ivanov, Angelina Pritumanova, Alexey Maslodudov, Timofey Skripkin

Production: “Association of Television Companies” commissioned by Channel One
Premiere: October 15 2012 (The first channel)
Series: 117
Genre: Melodrama, drama, films about family и Love



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