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Unequal Marriage serial (2018) watch online for free

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Неравный брак сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно

On the plot of the series "The unequal marriage" 2018 online / 20 series / Documentary / Channel Home / Russia 

Гa real heroine based on real stories the series “Unequal marriage online” 2018She works as a psychologist and does an excellent job with her work. In the personal life of a lady not devoid of charm named Elena Velikanova (Alena Ivchenko) there is no one, and she doesn’t want anyone to appear there either. The whole reason is that she is convinced of one thing - marriage is a big mistake.

For her long work, she had seen enough of many couples who came to her with a variety of problems. Naturally for a girl it is incredibly difficult to do, but she learned to distinguish lies and sincere feelings. And for her long experience, the main character of the documentary series is simply tired of looking at all the insincere emotions that are found in almost every married couple. She understands that this is a big tragedy and therefore not ready to take such a risk.

She does not want to ruin her life and she is sure that she will easily cope with any situation that arises in her way. But very soon a person will appear in her life, thanks to which she will finally be able to understand what real feelings are. He will be able to discover a completely different world for her, and now it is even unknown what all this may ultimately lead to. It remains to hope for the best and just believe that everything will work out for sure. Where does the road lead them to and what will be the outcome of her new life?

Watch the Russian TV series "Unequal Marriage" 2018 online for free all series in a row 1-20

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Unequal Marriage - FILM INFORMATION:

A country: Russia

Age limit: 16+

Actors: Alena Ivchenko, Vladimir Gorislavets

Premiere: 9 January 2018 TV channel Home
Series: 20
Genre: Documentary, reality show, Melodramalove films


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