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A few steps to love TV series (2019) watch online for free

Smotret serial neskolko shagov do lubvi 2019 online youtebem.com

Несколько шагов до любви сериал (2019) смотреть онлайн бесплатно

About the plot of the multi-part film “A Few Steps to Love” 2018 online / 4 series / Melodrama / Russia 

Гlove heroine series “A few steps to love online” 2019 Larisa owns her own clothing business. Next to her, Michael, and very soon they will have a wedding. An unfamiliar person would say that this is how a successful life looks, but the girl does not love the groom. Mother Natalia pressed on her daughter, demanding to follow her whims, she was accustomed that everyone obeyed her. In fact, there is not a hint of love between young people, only self-interest and profit.

Larissa unquestioningly obeyed, hoping that sooner or later love would come in family life, therefore, together with her mother, they had already begun preparing for the holiday.
One day someone rings at the door of her apartment. On the threshold is a boy who claims that Larisa is his mother. This seems to her impossible, evil joke. She gave birth when she was still a schoolgirl, but Natalia reported that the baby did not survive.

It was a terrible blow, but the girl had no choice but to accept and live on. The wound has not healed so far, and now it has been re-opened. The mother lied to her daughter all this time, without her knowledge, placed the boy in an orphanage, from where his real father Dima took him. Once they were madly in love, they wanted to be a family, but this was not destined to happen, while Lara's mother was totally against this love relationship.

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A few steps to love - FILM INFORMATION:

A country: Russia

Director: Eduard Palmov
Screenwriters: Elena Arbuzova, Yevgeny Arbuzov, Marina Pokrovskaya
Operator: Alexey Kocoev
Composer: Vladimir Sajko
Artist: Valery Yurkevich
Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Egor Yuzbashev

Actors: Elena Zakharova, Vladislav Reznik, Sergey Khodkov, Ruslan Chernetsky, Natalya Aladko, Antonina Ivanova, Anna Polupanova, Larisa Marshalova, Evgenia Anikey, Elena Barsukova, Vladislav Vinogradov, Cyrus Vasilevskaya, Oleg Tkachev
Premiere: 6 January 2019 (Россия 1)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodramalove films

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