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Nevsky 3 Alien Among Aliens series (2019) watch online for free detective

Smotret serial nevski 3 chuzhoy sredi chuzhikh 2019 youtebem.com

Nevsky Alien among strangers (2019) watch online for free all series in a row

About the plot of the series “Nevsky 3 Alien among strangers” 2019 Crime | Detective | Drama | Russia | NTV channel

В the most ordinary day, which did not foretell any trouble, tragedy occurred. In the local supermarket an explosion thundered and it was after this that the lives of the main characters detective series “Nevsky 3 Alien among strangers” 2019 online on NTV dramatically changed. This event forever changed the fate of the children and now it is not known what could happen next. Julia Semyonov spent several years in prison. Now, having been released, the main character of the criminal film is trying to adapt to this new life.

The world has changed during her absence, and therefore she tries to do everything possible to cope with all the troubles. Meanwhile, in the northern capital, the conflict between Thomas and Arsenyev is gaining momentum ... As for the other hero, Alexey Fomin is becoming one. Most recently, he accepted his friend's offer of becoming head of the security service, and of course such an increase implies a great responsibility.

He will have to monitor the order in the city more thoroughly and do everything possible to avoid any trouble. Everything goes as well as possible, but at one point the fate of the heroes will somehow intertwine and all this will lead to unprecedented consequences. No one knows how now they can get out of all these situations, in which they have all so happily pleased. The guys will have a lot of interesting and exciting, as well as difficult situations where they will have to make the right decision.

The series “Nevsky 3 Alien among strangers” 2019 watch online for free hd 720 all series in a row 1-20


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Nevsky 3 Alien among strangers - Information about the show:

A country: Russia

Director: Mikhail Wasserbaum
Scriptwriter: Andrei Tumarkin
Operator: Yuri Litvinov
Composer: Vitaly Mukanyaev
Artist: Dmitry Kaplun
Producers: Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov

Actors: Anton Vasilyev, Dmitry Palamarchuk, Andrey Gulnev, Maria Kapustinskaya, Sergey Koshonin, Alexander Sutyalin Anna Dulova, Tatyana Ermilova

Production: Triiks Media
Premiere: February 11 2019 (NTV)
Series: 20
Genre: crime movie, detectives online drama



The official instagram actor Anton Vasilyev (Anton Vasilev) / Photo - Video

The official instagram of actor Dmitry Palamarchuk (Dmitrii Palamarchuk) - Photo / Video

Images from the TV series “Nevsky 3” 2019 NTV | Photos of actors



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