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Watch the film Not one step back 2019 military film on the channel inter Ukraine

About the plot of the series "Not one step back" 2019 online / Drama / Military / History / Ukraine

ЛAny war does not know what mercy and pity are. It does not divide humanity into children, men, old men and women. It is merciless to all members of the human race. Main characters of the Ukrainian military series “Not one step back” 2019 online on the Inter Channel become young, even young girls. They chose not the easiest way in life. The war took away from the heroines all the most expensive that they had. Ahead of each of them was a life full of hopes and expectations.

At least it could have been so, if not for the war. Every girl had dreams and aspirations. They wanted to love, marry and give birth to healthy little children, but the war decided that everything would be completely different. She ruthlessly determined the fate of each character. The girls went to the school for scouts and decided that they would stand on the defense of their native country. They are ready to go to the front to repel cruel enemies.

Brave women are ready to stand face to face with a powerful enemy. They knew perfectly well that many do not return from the front, but they are still not afraid of anything. The scouts came closer and closer to death, despite the fact that they hated war with all their hearts. They graduated from a special training school. Every day they were told that there is no place for cowardly people. The girls made an oath that they would be faithful to their work to the last.

Trailer - Not one step back - Premiere 9 May 2019

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Not a single step back 2019 - Series info and release date:

A country: Ukraine

Directors: Dmitry Sorokin, Georgy Ferorenko
Screenwriter: Gregory Zeland
Operator: Peter Dyakov
Producers: Alexandra Voronina, Irina Kurchakova, Anna Bezludnaya

Actors: Valentina Popova, Gela Meskhi, Maria Shukshin, Fedor Gurinets Anastasia Anastasia Zurkalova, Shorena Shonija, Tamara Mironova, Anton Sebastian, Alain Medvedev, Marina Poddubnaya Svetlana Kosolapov, Inna Kolyada, Daria Fisher, Elizabeth Faley, Anatoly Golub, Dmitry Pustil'nik Sergey Berezhko

Premiere: 9 May 2019 (Inter Channel)
Series: 6
Genre: Drama, historical film, war movies, films about the Great Patriotic War

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