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Nyuhach 4 Season (2019) watch online for free all series of detective

Smotret serial nukhach 4 sezon 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть х.фильм Нюхач 4 часть 2019 все серии онлайн детектив на первом

About the plot of the series "Snooping 4 Season" 2019 Online / 8 Series / Detective / Crime / Channel One / Russia 

пWe offer you the continuation of the online 4 Season 2019 detective series, which continues the story about the life of a man with an extra-sensitive sense of smell, Nyuhach, who has become a detective by the will of fate, performed by the wonderful actor Cyril Kyaro. It is very difficult for him to live in a world where there is such a huge amount of smells.

Yes, not all of them are pleasant even for an ordinary person, and even Nuchach, who works as a freelance expert at a special bureau of investigations, is generally difficult. One can only guess how people feel who are close to the main character. From the smell of this man nothing can hide. With the help of his unique gift, a man can uncover the most complicated and complicated case.

For him there are no secrets, the truth of which can not be reached. Detective can do anything, but to build a personal life is almost impossible for him, because the smallest hint of an unpleasant smell and everything, the romantic relationship is gone, the feelings evaporate, as if they never existed.

As the authors of the series say, the next 4 season will be very unexpected and pleasant for the audience, even though there will be a lot of blood, corpses and other unpleasant nuances. In the new season, the main focus will be on the relationship between the characters, as well as on life stories. Also added a lot of jokes and irony, which will give the plot charm.

Trailer - filming TV series | Premiere 16 December 2019 

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A country: Ukraine

Nyuhach 4 season 2019 - Release date and information about the series:

Director: Artem Litvinenko
Scriptwriters: Artem Litvinenko, Andrei Babik
Operator: Anton Fursa
Composer: Nikita Moiseev
Artist: Peter Vizhikovsky
Produced by: Victor Mirsky, Maxim Asadchy

Actors: Kirill Kyaro, Ivan Oganesyan, Nikolai Chindyaykin, Maria Anikanova, Agne Grudite, Nina Gogaeva, Denis Martynov, Stanislav Moskvin, Alexey Zorin, Arthur Kazberov, Oleg Shulga, Julia Tsivataya

Production: "Pronto Film, Film.UA, Foundland pictures"
Premiere: December 16 2019 (The first channel)
Series: 8
Genre: Detective films, crime



The official instagram of actor Kirill Kyaro (Kirill Kyaro) / Photo - Video

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Images from the series “Nyuhach 4 season” 2019 Channel One 1 | Photos of actors


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