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Come on all together Russia 1 (2019) watch online music show

Smotret a nu ka vse vmeste 2019 rossia 1 online youtebem.com

Watch all episodes of the show. Well, all together 2019 on the Russia channel 1 with Baskov

About the plot of the new release “All together / All Together Now” 1 Season 2019 / Music Show / Russia

ПWe present to your attention a completely unpredictable new TV show on Russia 1 channel “Come on all together” 2019 onlineIn which talented vocalists take part. The project is fundamentally different from the previous ones, instantly gaining a lot of spectators and fans. In the competition participants are judged not by a few professionals, but by about a hundred jury members.

Estimates put experienced celebrities: singers, presenters, producers and ordinary viewers, visitors to popular sites, social networks and bloggers versed in this direction. Anyone with any relationship and love of music. The idea belongs to the legendary singer and showman To Nikolay Baskovenlisted the help of Sergey Lazarev. Going to the scene, completely different personalities working in various fields of activity.

Each is given only twenty seconds to demonstrate his own talent and pass to the next round. The approval of the judges is manifested in singing to the contestant, the greater the number of his support, the greater the likelihood of further struggle for victory in battle. In the final, rivals who take second and third places fight for subsequent participation, and the man who turned out to be the leader goes to the next level.

2019 TV show “Come on all together” watch all episodes in a row online in HD 720-1080 quality

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  • Genres: Show, Musical
  • Year of creation: 2019
  • Release date in RF: 23 March 2019
  • Country: Russia
  • TV channel: Russia 1
  • Studio: “White Media” (WeiT Media)
  • Duration: 125 min.
  • Come on jury

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The official instagram singer Sergey Lazarev (Sergey Lazarev) / Photo - Video

The official instagram lead and singer Nikolai Baskov (Nikolay Baskov) / Photo - Video

Footage from the TV show “Well, all together”2019 Channel Russia 1 | Photos of participants


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