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Области тьмы / Limitless» 2011

About the plot of the film "The Fields of Darkness / Limitless" 2011 online | Thriller | Fantasy | Detective | USA

ЭDdi is the most typical loser who lives in New York. Protagonist exciting fantastic film “Fields of Darkness” 2011 Online writes a book, but it is given to him with great difficulty. Deadlines are tight and fail. It seems that he will not be able to fix anything in this whole situation, but now he has an incredible opportunity. He meets his ex-wife Lindy's brother-in-law (Abbie Cornish). That powerful man and they agreed to drink coffee.

But the main character of the thriller could not imagine how this would end for him. And his old friend decides to give him one pill. He says that with her help he will be able to do whatever he wants. To Eddie's great surprise (Bradley Cooper), it becomes really true! For unknown reasons, he easily writes most of the book and understands that it is thanks to this pill that he can change his life.

He decides to ask his friend one more, but as it turned out, he was killed. Eddie manages to find in his apartment a whole package of such pills, and from that very moment everything in his life changes radically. He begins to take these pills, which, as it turned out, can make the human brain work at full strength. Now a hero with superhuman intellectual abilities is waiting for new accomplishments, and even scary to imagine what he can achieve.



Fantastic Fields of Darkness 2011 watch online with Bradley Cooper

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A country: USA
Original titles: Limitless, Dark Fields, The
Director: Neil Burger
Screenwriter: Leslie Dickson
Operator: Joe Willems
Composer: Niko Müli
Artist: Patricia Von Brandenstein
Producers: Ryan Kavano, Scott Kruff, Leslie Dickson, Adam Fields
Actors: Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abby Cornish, Andrew Howard, Anna Friel, Johnny Whitworth, Thomas Arana, Patricia Carlember, Robert John Burke, T.V. Carpio
Production: Universal Studios, Relativity Media
Genre: Fantastic, detective, thriller

The slogan of the film is “What if one NZT pill makes you rich and powerful? Find out about side effects "



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