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House exchange Russian season (2019-2021) on Yu channel watch online all episodes

Smotret shou obmen domami 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть Обмен домами на Ю канале шоу семейное все выпуски бесплатно

About the plot of the project “Home Exchange. Russian season ” 2019-2021 on the channel U / Russia

МMany people want to experience some new emotions and adventures somewhere abroad. You must agree that gray days are very tiring and annoying, and therefore sometimes you want to change the situation and live in other conditions. This new reality show “Home Exchange. Russian season "2019 online enables couples and families to exchange for a while houses with the same people who also want to immerse themselves in another culture, experience some new sensations and emotions, enjoy the sights.

Someone is very tired of the bustle of a huge metropolis, and he wants some time to live in silence and in the fresh air in a small village. And there are those who want to escape from the milking of cows and goats and go to live in an apartment and walk around restaurants and bars, well, and the third caught fire on a yacht in the open sea. In this TV show can come true any dreams.

Participants for some period of time will have to go to live in someone else's house, and strangers will come to their home. Everyone needs to live in an unfamiliar environment. The hosts must prepare an entertainment program for their guests so that they can have fun as much as possible in someone else’s house. When the time of experience passes, each family will have to evaluate the life they have lived with.

Reality show “House Exchange Russian Season” 2019-2021 watch online for free all issues in a row on U channel | Russia 



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Country: Russia
Production: U channel
Genre: Family TV Show
Duration: 115 min.
Release date: February 27 2019 year

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Images from the reality show “House Exchange Russian Season” 2019-2021 Channel U | Photos of participants



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