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About the plot of the series "Witnesses" 2019 Online / 40 Series / Mystic / Drama / Channel TV-3 / Russia |

РRussian documentary mystical series “Eyewitnesses” is a new work of the TV-3 channeland the premiere of this project took place on the fifteenth of April. This program is attended by ordinary people who have in life there is an incomprehensible paranormal. The editors were able to put together several fascinating stories that will make the viewer shiver, and the imagination begins to work with extraordinary power.

Eyewitnesses begin to give interviews about the facts of their lives, to explain that does not become possible. The actor of the theater and cinema Evgeny Pronin, who became known in the series from the same channel called “Unknown”, became the presenter of this TV project. In each series of this program, viewers will be able to witness the mystical and otherworldly. The woman at the last stage of pregnancy suffered a miscarriage, but after a while she began to hear baby crying.

The girl found a small doll, but after this find she stopped recognizing her family members. The school student decided to use the love spell ritual, but she made the amulet not according to the rules, and the consequences became simply unpredictable. All situations in the fictional series "Eyewitnesses" actually occur, but they were played by real professional actors.



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A country: Russia

Eyewitnesses tv3 - Information about the series and release date:

Director: Vitaly Skorodumov, Vlad Nikolaev
Creative producers: Alexander Sysoev, Julia Maximova
Moderator: Evgeny Pronin
Producers: Elena Torchinskaya

Premiere: 15 April 2019 (TV-3)
Genre: Documentarydramas, mysticism

The official instagram of actor Evgeny Pronin (Evgeny Pronin) / Photo - Video

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6 season playlist “Mystical Stories” | Enjoy your viewing!



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Images from the series “Eyewitnesses”2019 TV-3 Russia | Photos of actors



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