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One day of summer film (2019) NTV watch free comedy Russia

Smotret film odin den leta 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть комедию Один день лета 2018-2019 кино онлайн с Татьяна Бабенкова
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About the plot of the film “One day of summer" 2019 Comedy | Melodrama | Channel NTV | Russia  


main heroine of the Russian comedy film “One Day of Summer” 2019 online with a pleasant musical accompaniment Name is Katerina Koroleva (Tatyana Babenkova). Purposeful girl arrives in Moscow from the province, and she is immediately captured by an incredibly interesting social life. In order to conform to this society, the heroine of a youth melodrama has to create an account on Instagram, and all the time posting endless selfies with various famous people.

Suddenly, the Queen has the opportunity to realize his cherished dream and become the leading youth known TV channel. It was necessary only to fulfill the conditions of Artur, and over the weekend be able to gain the cherished 20 thousands of likes. The heroine begins to think how to accomplish this, and a great idea comes to her mind. At the time, a fashionable talented artist was installed in the city.

Nobody saw him. Catherine decided to disrupt this mysterious mask and take a photo with the mysterious Andy. This frame will be a real sensation and will create a sensation. Early in the morning, the main character arrived at the airport. But a stranger appeared who made him stay a little longer. An aged man asked to give a letter to an unknown person. For this girl will receive a good reward. Katya fell into a little confusion, so she could not refuse the order.



Trailer | Premiere 19 July 


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One day of summer / Selfies with the fate of 2019 - Release date and movie info:

A country: Russia

Director: Alexander Igudin
Writer: Alexander Igudin
Operator: Alexey Stepanov
Composer: Oleg Belov
Artist: Alina Herman
Producers: Alexander Evmenov, Anton Smirnov, Victor Budilov, Julia Sobolevskaya

Actors: Tatyana Babenkova, Aleksa Komorowski, Stepan Ledkov, Igor Ivanov, Maxim Leonidov, Yury Galtsev, Ivan Krasko, Era Ziganshina, Gennady Smirnov, Margarita Abroskina, Anastasia Lazo, Tina Tarusina, Alexey Kopylov, Egor Bakulin

Production: Producer Center "SPbGIKiT-Debut"

Premiere: July 19 2019 (NTV Channel)
Genre: Comedy, films about Love, melodramasmusic films




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The official Instagram actress Tatyana Babenkova (Tatyana Babenkova) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actress Margarita Abroskina (Margarita Abroskina) / Photo - Video

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Scenes from the film “One Day of Summer” 2019 Comedy - Russia | Photos of actors



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