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Once Upon a Time in Russia - Scandal at the MFC (2018) watch online free

Smotret odnazhdi v rossii skandal v mfc 2018 Youtebem.com

Once in Russia - Scandal in the MFC / Service dreams of any Russian

Тgifted actors from the popular comic show "Once in Russia»Continue to make fun of a variety of life episodes faced by ordinary citizens. At this time, the storyline unfolds around the lady who comes to the MFC for the sake of obtaining a medical policy initially set up for a scandal.

Before the eyes of the main heroine of this sarcastic current issue, there appears a very cozy and clean center, where cheerful employees work, welcoming all visitors with a sincere wide smile. Naturally, you will not quarrel with such workers, so you have to make a row of ordinary visitors, united by a common goal - receiving references. Amazingly, the staff even manage to bring the stunned lady to tears with her prompt service.

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Year of production: 2018 Odnazhdi v Rossii (5 season, 13 series)

Cast: Olga Kartunkova, Alexander Ptashenchuk, Denis Dorokhov

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