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Windows of your house series (2018) watch free melodrama

Smotret serial okna doma tvoego 2018 online Youtebem.com

Окна дома твоего сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама

About the plot of the movie "The Windows of Your House" 2018 Online / 4 Series / Melodrama / Russia 1

Гmain characters soap opera “Windows of your house” 2018 online Polina and Ira are two sisters who have different interests in life. Fields dreams of becoming a famous actress who will be loved and recognized by everyone. For her, she is ready to do everything possible to continue this way. The girl is confident in her abilities and is not going to give up her dream. What seems to her sister, she on the contrary lives a quiet life.

She does not like all this turmoil and is sure that she will be able to simply enjoy what she has. And now, after years, Polina finally achieves her big goal. The heroine of the series begins to work as an actress, and one fine day she breaks a motorcycle on the set. Naturally, you have to pay for the breakdown and she calls her parents to bring the necessary amount to her.

But on the way, parents fall into a terrible accident and do not survive. This is a disaster and now the whole family business falls on Ira’s shoulders. She will have to properly manage the family money and try to keep everything under control, as her father managed to do. It is clear that it will not be easy for her, but Polina cannot be recovered after what happened. She blames herself for this and even now it is not known what will happen next. Will she cope in this difficult situation?


Russian mini-series “Windows of your house” 2018 melodrama watch online channel Russia 1

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A country: Russia
Director: Alexander Vysokovsky
Writer: Sergey Artimovich
Operator: Igor Buriak
Composers: Dmitry Golodko, Natalia Popova
Artist: Igor Khrutsky
Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Irina Smirnova

Actors: Pelagia Nevzorov, Suzanna Bell, Alexander Konstantinov, Boris Khvoshnyansky, Julianna Mikhnevich
Premiere: November 18 2018 (Россия 1)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama

The official instagram actress Pelageya Nevzorova (Pelageya Nevzorova) / Photo - Video

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