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Olga 3 season serial (2018) watch online free comedy

Smotret serial Olga 3 sezon 2018 online tnt Youtebem.com

Ольга 3 сезон сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно комедия

About the plot of the series “Olga 3 season” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1- 16 / Comedy / Russia

Н3 marketing season comedy soap opera “Olga 3” 2018 Online still tells the story of a very charming and intelligent person Olga Terentyeva (Yana Troyanova), who dreams of a happy bright future. She sincerely believes that she will ever be able to lose the burden of eternal difficulties, which do not give an opportunity to feel like a weak woman. But children constantly violate the plans of a single mother. They are powerful sources of trouble, which cause a headache at best.

Due to the sad financial situation, Olya is forced to live with her father, who suffers from alcohol addiction. A man is another supplier of troubles, not at all going to give up the addiction. And even on this list does not end. Olga also has sister Lena (Alina Alekseeva), due to the young age, who does not want to burden herself with any worries.

The girl chooses the only, in her opinion, correct tactics - to have romance with married men. Fellows sympathetically look at the heroine the film, darting through life, like a mad protein. Sometimes it seems that fate has found a guinea pig on which to test a variety of life tests. Ahead of Olya and her relatives are waiting for the mass of various incidents, filled with both hazards and funny episodes.



Comedy series “Olga” 3 season all series in a row 1-20 for free on TNT channel

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A country: Russia

Directors: Alexey Nuzhny, Igor Voloshin, Anton Bormatov
Screenwriters: Pavel Oreshin, Artyom Lempert, Dmitry Danilov, Maxim Kolesnikov, Ilshat Latypov, Ilya Petrukhin, Stanislav Staroverov, Oleg Goldfayn, Arthur Ramazanov
Operator: Kirill Klepalov
Artists: Anna Polyakova, Stanislav Novak
Producers: Artyom Loginov, Anton Schukin, Anton Zaitsev, Alexander Dulerain, Artyom Lempert, Pavel Oreshin, Olga Dolmatovskaya, Alexey Ageev, Nikolai Akopov

Actors: Yana Troyanova, Ksenia Surkova, Sergey Romanovich, Mohammed Abu-Rizik, Alina Alekseeva, Vasily Kortukov, Maxim Kostromykin, Timofey Zaytsev, Vladimir Kebin, Anna Galinova, Elena Starostina, Sergey Vasilyev, Anastasia Pronina, Yulia Serina, Elena Novikova, Neudachin, Vladimir Tsarulkov, Nadezhda Lumpova, Lidiya Kuznetsova, Alexander Grashin, Sergey Ogandzhanov, Rosa Khairullina, Irina Tsyvina
Production: Good Story Media
Premiere: November 6 2018 (TNT)
Series: 16
Genre: Comedy

The official instagram actress Yana Troyanova (Yana Troyanova) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actress Ksenia Surkova (Kseniya Surkova) / Photo / Video

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