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About the plot of the program “Eagle and Tails” 2019 on Friday / Tourism / Travel channel 

вSem like programs like “Eagle and Reshka” online all releases, which tells about travels and unusual places. You can, sitting in your favorite chair, watch the whole world, and, even in this way, but take a ride through exotic countries. But to sit and listen to conversations about the beauties and local sights is no longer funny, as it once was.

Therefore, now began to appear a huge number of extraordinary and unlike other shows about travel. "Eagle and tails" is one of these programs. You can see it on the Russian TV channel called “Friday!”, As well as on Ukrainian television on the channel “Inter”.

For some time now, the program has been broadcast in Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Benefit and Israel, with which it is impossible not to congratulate. But what kind of country is the "manufacturer" of this telecast? Initially it may seem that this is exclusively a Russian product.

In the show “Eagle and tails. Shopping ”, which is broadcast from 2014, prices from foreign ones are translated into rubles. And if you look at the program on "Inter", then the currency here is already indicated hryvnia. That is, there are more questions than answers. In this project, will reveal several secrets of shooting your favorite many programs.

Watch online “Eagle and Reshka” all series and issues in a row (Jubilee season, USSR, Around the World, At the edge of the world, Heaven and Hell and Unknown Europe)

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View "Eagle and tails»2012-2019 all releases in a row online free telecast on Friday travel in good quality HD 720 for free on YouTube - it is possible online on tablets and smartphones Android, iPad, iPhone (iPad, iPhone, Android) and on other mobile devices tele-show orel i reshka 2019 on the entertainment site youtebem.com
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    • Genres: Tourism, Hobbies | Eagle and Reshka - Megapolises, Two Capitals, Family, Russia, Across the Seas, America, Heaven and Hell 2, Reloading, Around the World
    • Year of creation: 13 February 2011
    • Release date in RF: 10 December 2012 (RF)
    • Country: Ukraine
    • Channel: Inter, Friday
    • Presenters: Alan Badoev Jeanne Badoeva Andrew poor, Nastya short, Les Nikitiuk Regina Todorenko, Kolya Serga, Evgeny Sinelnikov, Pyotr Romanov Anton Ptushkin Maria Gamayun Olga Antipova, Natalie Nevedrova Anastasia Ivleeva Katerina Gordeeva, Nikolai Solodnikov, Klava Koka, Anton Zaitsev

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Eagle and tails. Unpublished


Official instagram of the singer and host Alina Astrovskaya (Alina Astrovskaya) - Photo / Video

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The official instagram leading Anastasia Ivleeva (Anastasiya Ivleeva) / Photo / Video

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Official instagram of TV host Regina Todorenko (Regina Todorenko) - Photo / Video 

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Images from the TV show “Eagle and Tails” Tourism 2012-2019 | Photo leading



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