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Smotret serial ostatstya v zhivih 2018 youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Остаться в живых 2018 все серии подряд онлайн бесплатно Россия 1

About the plot of the series "Staying Alive" 2018 / Drama / Melodrama / Military / History / Russia 

Дaction of the military series “Lost” 2018 online with Mikhail Porechenkov takes place after several months of the Great Patriotic War. For the given period there was not a single dwelling left that would not survive the misfortunes. The Nazi units are heading for the capital, meanwhile, they are blocked by the Red Army and guerrilla units.

A brutal massacre rallied men of all ages for the common good. Civil and military battles, which had previously successfully worked in various professions, lead on a par. Boris Zhikharev, having a considerable amount of knowledge in the field of engineering, helps the partisans and is helpful on the front lines.

At home, the hero is waiting for a loving wife, Vera, and a little son. In the peaceful years, his wife was considered an enviable bride, followed by crowds of boyfriends, but she made a choice in favor of Boris — an educated person who conquered her young heart.
Soon the foreman Petr Strelchenko is under fire along with Zhikharev. The latter is captured, and Strelchenko is saved. For some time, Peter leaves the front and sees his friend's wife.

She is his subject of groaning, but he hesitates to confess his feelings for a married woman. So the events unfold that rumors of betrayal of the beloved come to Zhikhareva, therefore she wants to understand the real circumstances and goes to the front ...



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2019 Lost - TV Series Info and Release Date:

A country: Russia

Director: Andrey Maliukov
Screenwriters: Oleg Kirillov, Maria Vaksman, Igor Torotko, Oksana Wald, Sergey Kuz'minykh
Operator: Vladimir Klimov
Composer: Vladimir Sajko
Artists: Sergey Golubev, Ellina Burdo
Producers: Oleg Kirillov, Alexander Kushaev, Andrey Anokhin, Denis Konstantinov

Actors: Panfilov Faith, Michael Porechenkov Egor koreshkov Alexander Gorbatov, Dirk Martens, Denis Konstantinov, Soslan Fidarov Yury Utkin, Yuri Titov Oleg Mazur Yuriy Maslak, Evgenia Dmitrieva, Boris Kamorzin Dmitry Arbenin Ilya Sologub, Konstantin Adaev, Azamat Nigmanov, Maxim Stoyanov

Production: StarMedia
Premiere: 9 May 2018 (Russia-1)
Series: 6
Genre: Drama, historical film, military films, films about the Great Patriotic War



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