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From the family you can not escape the movie (2018) watch free online comedy

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About the plot of the film “From the Family You Can’t Run Away / Ch'tite famille” 2018 Comedy / France

ВAlentin is one of the most fashionable Parisian designers. The main character the French film “You Can’t Run Away From The Family” 2018 Online managed to achieve such great heights by hard work and the pursuit of his goal. Only in this way did he show everyone around him that he was in this case the best of the best. But it turns out that the main character of this wonderful family comedy has hidden his true origin from everyone. He tells others that he is an orphan and has been his whole conscious life.

But actually Valentine (Dani Boon) is the son of the simplest scrap metal collector. But in no case is he going to tell the truth, because it can seriously damage his reputation. That is why it remains to lie and hide the fact who he really is by descent. But as it turned out, the trouble would still overtake him soon. Relatives of Valentine decided to visit him in unexpected ways.

To a great chagrin, this really happened at the most inopportune moment, because the other day he would have to sign one important contract. Valentine for a long time sought such an important transaction and now it all may collapse. We have to believe that he will be able to hide his relatives, but in fact such people cannot sit idle. What is it all over and if he can get out of this embarrassing situation?



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From the family can not escape - INFORMATION ABOUT THE FILM:

A country: France

Director: Dani Bun
Screenwriters: Dani Boon, Sarah Kaminsky
Operator: Deni Rodin
Composers: Maxim Despre, Michel Torjman
Artist: Herve Galle
Producers: Dani Boon, Eric Hubert

Actors: Dani Boon, Laurence Arne, Francois Berleant, Guy Lekluz, Lin Renault, Valerie Bonneton, Pierre Richard, Juliana Leporte, Judy Beecher, Karina Beth, Claire Chazal, Sylvie Laguina, Jean-Noel Martin, Louis Pinett, Aladelace, Aude Aladet Tagbo, Antonia de Rendinger, Vincent Primo, Stefan Pezera, Toma Vandenberg, Lyudmila Mikhailova, Janfi Janssens, Ian Tuale, Oleg Eiben, Cad Merad, Julia Vinyali, Pascal Obispo

Production: Pathé, Les Productions du Ch'Timi
Premiere: February 28 2018 (France), May 31 2018 (Russia)

Genre: Comedyfamily films



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