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Give me my dream series (2018) Ukraine watch online for free all series

Smotret serial otday moyu mechtu 2018 youtebem.com

Отдай мою мечту сериал (2018) Украина смотреть онлайн бесплатно все серии

About the plot of the series “Give me my dream / Give me my dream” 2018-2020 / Melodrama / Channel Ukraine

Гlove heroine series “Give me my dream / Give me my dream” 2018 online From her early age, Victoria desperately dreamed of becoming an outstanding fashion designer. She studied at the Institute of Technology and decided to go to Belgium to continue her studies there. The girl showed excellent results, so she wore the title of the best student in the elite design school with honor.

The family has always supported a talented student and was sincerely happy for all the achievements that have appeared. At some point, the main character received terrible news - her beloved father was mortally ill. Naturally, the frightened daughter immediately rushed home to say goodbye to the parent. After the death of the man, the mother plunged into deep depression. She showed no interest in life, so all the troubles fell on the shoulders of a fragile Wiki.

The poor thing faced an armful of unpaid bills, as well as harsh warnings from banking institutions. Aunt Alla told the heroine that the atelier, as well as the stall on the market, no longer generate income. Recently, to pay for the studies of the heiress, Leonid constantly took out loans. To remedy the plight, Victoria decides to settle in a local fashion house. There is an acquaintance that drastically changes her life.

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A country: Ukraine

Give back my dream / Give my dream! - FILM INFORMATION:

Director: Dmitry Matov
Screenwriter: Lana Kuybina
Operator: Sergey Boyko
Composer: Roman Dudchik
Artist: Alena Ostapenko
Producer: Irina Zarya

Actors: Anastasia Ivanova, Oleg Gaas, Irina Antonenko, Ivan Solovyov, Svetlana Zelbet, Natalia Dolya, Elena Stefanskaya, Larisa Rusnak, Svetlana Shekera, Oksana Zhdanova, Sergey Denga, Fyodor Gurinets, Victoria Bilan, Konstantin Koretsky, Igor Rubashkin, Andrei Romaniy, Vera Kobzar, Alexandra Sizonenko

Premiere: October 22 2018 (Dispenser Ukraine) July 6, 2020 (Home channel)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama series online, films about Love

Stills from “Give my dream” TV series 2018 channel Ukraine | Photos of actors


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