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Отель Купидон фильм (2019) смотреть онлайн

About the plot of the Ukrainian TV series “Hotel Cupid” 2019 / Melodrama / Ukraine

Рthe heroine's life is worse series “Hotel Cupid” 2019 online Kati (Galina Bezruk) was just fine. She was a happy wife and loving mother. In addition, a charming young woman is the mistress of a small hotel, which is very much in demand. Everything was going just fine and did not even have to dream about something else. It seems that the situation will not change in any way and therefore it remains just to enjoy all that it has.

But then one day everything changes dramatically when a completely unfamiliar woman comes to the Cupid Hotel. Katya had never seen her before, but it was she who would completely change her whole life in the most unexpected way. This stranger tells Katya that she is the rightful owner of this place and that the girl should give her the rights. Naturally, all this might at first seem like complete nonsense, but as it turns out, everything here is much more confusing.

Now in Katya's life, big problems begin and she herself does not know what to do. In an instant, she lost absolutely everything and therefore we must try to do everything possible to get out of this series of troubles. What this will mean for the time being is unclear, but one has to hope only for a positive result. What will it really be and what can all this lead to?

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A country: Ukraine

Hotel Cupid - Information about the show:

Director: Sergey Kravets
Scriptwriter: Evgenia Savichenko
Operator: Maxim Baev
Composer: Alexander Cherny
Artist: Dmitry Baran
Producers: Igor Volkov, Sergey Baranov

Actors: Galina Bezruk, Aleksey Nadrudny, Daria Volga, Sergey Frolov, Alexandra Polguy, Vladimir Lilitsky, Oleg Shulga, Mikhail Varbanets, Sergey Kiyashko, Renata Pimakhova, Igor Salimonov, Yuri Shcherbak, Olga German, Anna Vasilyeva

Premiere: 2 March 2019 (Ukraine Channel)
Series: 4
Genre: melodrama

The official instagram actress Galina Bezruk (Galina Bezruk) / Photo - Video

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