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Ravine film (2019) watch online crime Russia


Смотреть мини сериал Овраг 2019 онлайн криминальная мелодрама на твц

About the plot of the film "Ravine" 2019 Online / Crime / Melodrama / TVC Channel / Russia 

РRussian crime film "Ravine" 2019 online revolves around an unpleasant incident that happened in the province many years ago. Xenia grew up in a rather dangerous house. And it is dangerous because it is almost close to the ravine. Each year, the ravine becomes more and more, and there is a dangerous risk for the residents of the house. But the Matveyevs, the grandmother and grandfather of the main character of the ravine detective film, are not going to leave their home.

One day, during a frank conversation, Lina Andreevna confesses that she hopes for the speedy return of her missing daughter, Olga. After some time, the remains of a woman’s body were found in a ravine; it lay there for fifteen years. It turned out that Olga Matveyeva died just then, and all this time was literally a stone’s throw away. The universe of the protagonist Xenia collapses because her grandmother and grandfather had told her all these fifteen years that her mother had run away and left her daughter.

Then she still forbade herself to think about her mother and generally to love her. And now it turns out that mom did not abandon her child. So what happened at that ill-fated time? Xenia begins to scroll through the memories in her head, meets with those who once knew her mother. It was a very bright and attractive woman, many men of the town went crazy about her. Sometimes Ksyusha thinks that she is close to solving the problem, but something incomprehensible starts to happen.

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A country: Russia

Director: Olga Land
Screenwriters: Anush Vardanyan, Alexey Sashin
Operator: Igor Krachkovsky
Composer: Ilya Dukhovny
Producer: Nika ShishkoAktory: Julia Kokryatskaya, Oleg Gaas, Ilya Ermolov, Yuri Belyaev, Natalia Gvozdikova, Vladimir Fokov, Oleg Filipchik, Yuri Gumirov

Series: 2

Premiere: 26 April 2019 (TVC channel)
Genre: Detective movies online, romance, crime

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