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Пopulyarnoe The TV show “The Boys” 5,6 season on the channel Friday for young girls, she continues to publicly review the secrets of bezmanerny persons who came to the project to change. This beautiful part of humanity does not take into account the meaning of the words morality, ethics and good behavior, therefore, it behaves in a very defiant way, because it does not know how.

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Before the main characters reality show there is an important task, the fundamental part of which is transformation - from an ordinary girl with a casual look and tactless thoughts into a tender and feminine woman. Boys they are outcasts of society, from which even the closest people have turned away due to incorrigible egoism and boorish attitude. They earn by trading in the body, they steal and live on the streets.

Some even faced law enforcement agencies and sat behind bars for many years. However, they found the strength to ask for help from the public, wanting to change their own lives and send it to the right direction, making it impossible for a miserable existence. The focus is on thirteen individuals who are uncontrollable and ignore the law, but for now they will have to abide by the rulebook of the School of Ladies ...


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