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Fall of London movie (2016) watch online free US action movie


Смотреть американский боевик Падение Лондона 2016 онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве HD 720-1080

About the plot of the film "The Fall of London / London Has Fallen" 2016 | Action | Thriller | England | USA

сabyss The Fall of London Movie 2016 Onlinethreatening the entire globe, quite unexpectedly began in the British capital. London is a huge metropolis where a lot of incidents happen. And then in one day an incident occurs, and the Prime Minister of Great Britain becomes a participant.

Under strange circumstances, he dies, and now they only trust those agents who have great experience and have established themselves working in the FBI to investigate this matter. In order to say goodbye to the Prime Minister, the elite of the world of politics is coming from all countries. All of them must meet under special protection.

The whole army of Britain is at the ready, a huge number of police officers cordoned off the place where the meeting will take place. Penetration of criminals is excluded. But the family of the terrorist Barkavi died, and now he wants revenge. And in the midst of the funeral procession takes place.

And on the most protected place of the planet at the moment, where no one can penetrate for anything, several powerful explosions occur. It was Barkavi who arranged them. None of the police or the FSB with the FBI did not even suspect that this young man could cause a terrorist attack in the UK. Leaders of all states have to flee the city to stay alive, but can they do it when the terrorists are all over the world?


 The film “The Fall of London / London Has Fallen” 2016 watch online in excellent quality hd 720-1080


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The Fall of London / London Has Fallen - INFORMATION ABOUT FILM:

A country: USA, England

Director: Babak Najafi
Screenwriters: Craigton Rotenberger, Catherine Benedict, Chad State John
Operator: Ed Wilde
Composer: Trevor Morris
Artist: Joel Collins
Producers: Gerard Butler, Boaz Davidson, Mark Gill, Peter Heslop, Zygi Camas
Casting Director: Elayne Granger, Marianna Stanicheva

Actors: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Jacky Pets, Hacky E., Hayley, Rada Mitchell, Charlotte Riley, Melissa Leo, Colin Salmon, Robert Forster, Shivani Gai, Walid Zayter, Brian Larkin Alon Ablon, Ron Mike, Shivani Gai, Walid Zayter, Brian Larkin Alon Ablon, Ron Mike, Shivani Gai, Walid Zayter, Brian Larkin Alon Abothul, Alon Abothul, Brian Larkin O'Brien, Mikhail Bilalov, Andrew Plivin, Julian Kostov, Dimitar Ilkov, Deborah Grant, Tsuvayuki Saotome, Bern Kollako, Anthony Milton

Production: Millennium Films, Gerard Butler Alan Siegel Entertainment, LHF Film
Premiere: March 4 2016 (USA), March 17 2016 (Russia)
Genre: thriller, action



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