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Papa Mama Goose Cartoon (2018) watch free online comedy

Smotret multfilm papa mama gus 2018 online youtebem.com

Смотретьмультик Папа-мама гусь 2018 онлайн приключения в хорошем качестве HD 720-1080

About the plot of the cartoon "Papa Mama Goose / Duck Duck Goose" 2018 online / Adventure / Family / Comedy / China / USA / England

С goose By foam recently misfortune happened and therefore he cannot fly now. This is a real tragedy and hero. “Daddy mummy” cartoon 2018 online hopes to get better as soon as possible. It is hard for him to look at how other geese fly and circle above his head. Each new day begins the same way and he hopes that very soon he will be able to fly. But until that happens, he has to constantly walk and explore the local suburbs from the land.

And recently, he randomly managed to find two small ducklings. They turned out to be committed alone and understandably, that they would be awaited by death, if they did not begin to care for them. That is why the goose pen decides to take them to his home, to finally fully provide them with care. He certainly did not expect such a turn of events, because he had never had to be a nanny.

He has no experience and he has to hope that he will somehow manage to get out of all the troubles that have so unexpectedly fallen on his head. How this all can end so far is unclear, because you have to rely only on a positive result. You should not count on help either, and therefore it remains to take care of two little naughty ducklings yourself and believe in a favorable outcome.

Cartoon «Dad-mother goose / Duck Duck Goose» 2018 online for free in excellent quality hd 720-1080 

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Papa Mama Goose / Duck Duck Goose - INFORMATION ABOUT MULTFILM:

Country: USA, China, UK

Director: Chris Jenkins
Writers: Chris Jenkins, Rob Muir, Scott Atkinson
Producers: Penny Finkelman Cox, Sandra Rabins, Edoardo Bussi

Composer: Mark Isham
Production: Mosfilm-Master, Original Force
Genre: Adventure, family cartoons, comedy

The slogan of the cartoon - "Ready to take off!"

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