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Ukrainian series “Papans” 2018 watch online all series in a row 1-16 | Comedy movie

В the center of attention of this wonderful family soap opera “Papanki” 1 from Diesel Show turns out to be a quartet of best friends living next door. Three of them have already got a family and children, but only one friend still remains a bachelor, preferring their own freedom. Despite the decent age of the characters, their character and behavior looks like the level of adolescents.

Украинский сериал “Папаньки” 2018 смотреть онлайн все серии подряд 1- 16 | Комедийный фильм о семье

They are caring fathers, anxiously related to their children, but they still play childhood in the fifth point, therefore, friends constantly meet in various stories. Young dads do not want to part with the familiar past life, where permissiveness, parties and late time were present. Of all, only a single friend is aware of and continues to enjoy those not long-term novels that, for obvious reasons, are not accessible to family men.

And therefore, he periodically teases his friends, trapped in a bond of marriage. Daily routine work for the supply of all necessary and walks with offspring do not fall in love with the ladies' man. Sometimes comrades attend deep thoughts and reasoning about the past time of irresponsibility, which is no longer to return. Now is the time of adulthood, time to turn on the brains and behave in the appropriate parental way)

Comedy series “Papanki / Papanki” 2018 online 


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Directors: Irina Vasilyeva, Alexander Kananovich
Screenwriters: Yuri Rusin, Andrei Trubnikov, Denis Alistratov, Alexey Blanar, Egor Krutogolov
Operators: Timofey Avramchuk, Dmitry Kiptily
Artist: Tatiana Kondratova
Producers: Natalia Kaptan, Egor Krotogolov
Actors: Egor Krutogolov, Yevgeny Gashenko, Yevgeny Smorigin, Andrei Fedinchik, Lilia Rebrik, Demän Shiyan, Olga Harutyunyan, Veronika Lukyanenko, Olga Lukyanenko, Nadezhda Kondratovskaya, Anna Varpakhovskaya, Oleg Stalchuk, Vyacheslav Khostikov, Alexander Yaremat, the theater, Alemat, the ostroma Tatyana Zinovenko, Anatoly Zinovenko, Alexander Berezhok, Alexander Begma, Maria Marchay

Production: ICTV, Diesel Studio
Series: 16
Genre: comedy

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