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Paris Secret Movie (2020) watch TVC melodrama online for free

Smotret film parizhskaya tayna 2020 online youtebem.com

Watch the movie "Paris Secret" 2020 online series melodrama with Svetlana Antonova in high quality hd 720-1080

About the plot of the film “Paris Secret” 2020 | Melodrama | TVC channel | Russia

рascension in the movie “Paris Secret” 2020 online begins with the life of a family in which the husband suddenly turns on his mistress. Everything was fine in the marriage, the relationship was warm, but the man met another. Soon the deceived spouse finds out everything about the situation, and doubts the danger. A young girl can not keep a held adult for a long time.

However, the lover asks for a divorce and plans a wedding with a new lover. And the main character decides to let him go, giving her consent to sign the papers. The day of the meeting and the exchange of signatures is appointed, when the main character commits suicide without leaving notes or any information about the reasons.

Two grieving heroines meet and understand that there was no anger left. Beloved is dead, but the circumstances of the death are doubtful. Cheerful and cheerful, having just entered into a new novel, he simply couldn’t leave the game in such an absurd way. So someone helped him.

He has no enemies, no business difficulties either. The ladies join forces to find out the truth and find the killer. Investigations lead them to history from the past, and put them in a dangerous position. And the public does not believe in crime, this fact needs serious evidence.

Trailer of the movie “Paris Secret” | Premiere 24 April 2020

Film “Paris Secret” 2020 watch online for free hd 720-1080


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Paris Secret Mini-Series 2020 - Release Date and Series Information:

A country: Russia

Director: Vladimir Fatyanov
Screenwriter: Nina Ostanina
Operator: Igor Krachkovsky
Composer: Ilya Dukhovny
Artist: Alexander Zhulkov
Producers: Nika Shishko, Natalya Dyomina, Igor Renard-Kio, Natalya Paramonova

Actors: Svetlana Antonova, Alexander Pashkov, Andrey Stoyanov, Elena Zakharova, Orit Blazer, Daniil Vershinin, Alexey Vakulov

Production: PC “Twin” LLC
Premiere: 24 April 2020 (TVC channel)
Series: 2
Genre: Russian melodramas


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Stills from the movie “Paris Secret” 2020 Russia | Photos of actors

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