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Crossing / The Crossing movie (2015) watch online free military drama

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Смотреть китайский фильм Переправа 2014-2015 2 части подряд в хорошем качестве hd 720-1080

About the plot of the film "Crossing / The Crossing" 2015 | Drama | Military | Story | China

ЭThat epic Chinese drama film “Crossing” 2015 online 2 parts from John Woo is based on the real tragedy of the wreck of the ship “Taiping” and killed more than 1500 passengers and the entire crew. In the winter of 1949, China experienced a fierce civil war. Against each other, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party come out. The level of the economy has dropped significantly, families have nothing to eat. The situation is just a stalemate.

People are trying to move to the island of Taiwan, in order to somehow survive, because only the war did not get here. But the fact is that you can only get to the island by breaking the sea. Three heroes and other characters could grasp at the chance given to them.

General Lei refers to the Kuomintang. Not so long ago, he broke up with his wife. You are working as a nurse during the day and a prostitute at night. All these people are completely different, but all of them have a single goal - to survive in a bloody battle. The heroes were on the ship, and with them another fifteen hundred people. No one is interested in the fact that according to the rules a ship can withstand only a little less than six hundred people.

The vessel called "Taiping" is soon sent to the port of Taiwan. But at night it intersects with the cargo liner, they collide, and this incident ends with a huge explosion. Surely the heroes will not die from the revolution, but they will die from the elements of nature? This terrible disaster will forever remain in the memory of those who were on this journey.



 “The Crossing” movie “2015” watch online in excellent quality. Hd 720-1080


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Crossing / The Crossing - INFORMATION ON FILM:

Country: China

Director: John Woo
Screenwriter: Hee Ling Wang
Operator: Zhao Fei
Composer: Taro Ivashiro
Produced by: Terence Chang

Actors: Ziyi Zhang, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Huang Xiaoming, Hyo Gyo Son, Dawei Tung, Masami Nagasawa, Qianyuan Wang, Bowie Lam, Tony Yang, Shan Kong, Yu Feihon, Qin Hailu, Hitomi Kuroki, Gui-mei Young, Jack Kao, Wei li

Production: Beijing Gallop Horse Film & TV Production, China Film Group, Lion Rock Productions
Premiere: December 2 2014 (China), March 12 2015 (Russia)
Genre: Drama, History, War Movie



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