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Смотреть фильм Перепутанные 2019 онлайн все серии подряд бесплатно мелодрама

About the plot of the series "Confused" 2019-2020 / Melodrama / Channel One / Russia 

рThe Russian melodramatic series "Confused" 2019 online on Channel One will lead the story of the loving and caring parents Olga and Boris. They adore Yulenka and try for the daughter to do everything possible. Despite the serious illness of the girl, they were able to instill in her a craving for study and cheerfulness. But at one moment, the baby's condition worsened.

She had to be sent to a medical center. It was there that the terrible news became clear. It turned out that she is not the biological daughter of her parents.
Parents do not imagine how this is possible, but further investigation made it clear that the child was replaced in the maternity hospital.

There was a ridiculous mistake, and thanks to the available documents, it seems that the heroes have a chance to meet with their real daughter. As a result, they were at the Mikhailovs. And if Olya and Boris are provided, then these people are their complete opposite. The family lives modestly in a small apartment with daughter Yana.

The situation became rather unpleasant, because a difficult dilemma arose between families and each conversation ended in a heated argument. Olya and Boria tried to convince Yana to move in with them, but the girl did not agree with anything. Julia, too, was not unique to what was happening. As a result, relatives decided to listen to the wishes of their daughters. After all, they have the right to decide. How will events develop in the future?

Trailer Announcement | Premiere 19 October 2020

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Confused 2019 - Release Date and andinformation about the series:

A country: Russia

Directed by: Vyacheslav Nikiforov, Anario Mamedov
Writers: Marina Dyachenko, Sergey Dyachenko
Operator: Sergey Blednov
Composers: Alexander Maev, Maxim Koshevarov
Producers: Ruben Dishdishyan, Aram Movsesian, Elena Denisevich, Nelli Yaralova

Actors: Anatoly Bely, Lyubov Tolkalina, Yulia Takshina, Daria Kalmykova, Maxim Karushev, Daria Konyzheva, Maxim Vazhov, Kristina Kucherenko, Stanislav Solomatin, Dmitry Smirnov, Ivan Volkov, Philip Ershov, Valeria Shkirando, Mikhail Khmurov, Irina Egorova, Grigory Vernik, Alena Derkach

Production: Mars Media Entertainment
Premiere: October 19 (Channel One)
Series: 16
Genre: Melodrama, films about family и Love

The official instagram actress Lyubov Tolkalina (Lubov Tolkalina) / Photo / Video

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A little about Love. The story of Evgeny Sules @evgenysules: “Olya didn't want to go on a date with Kolya. And Tanya is very even. Then they decided to switch places. And Tanya went on a date, as if she were Olya. Kolya did not notice anything. This was offensive to Olya. Although she loved Herman. And German that day saw Tanya and Kolya and thought it was Olya, stopped communicating with her and in spite of him began to meet with Oksana, whom Sergei was seeking. Sergei took offense and volunteered for the war. During the war, his hand was torn off, and he went to a monastery. In the monastery he was called the "one-armed monk". This made an impression on Mikhail, a young prose writer who loved to walk around the monastery. He wrote a novel of the same name and became a laureate of Yasnaya Polyana. At the award ceremony, he met Olya, the one who did not go on a date with Kolya, and they got married, gave birth to eleven children, lived happily and died on the same day at an advanced age from a fashionable illness. And Kolya, they say, became a pirate, sailed away on a captured ship to distant seas and died there at the hands of a drunken prostitute. But I saw a lot of things that neither Olya, nor Tanya, nor Herman, nor Oksana, nor Sergey, nor Mikhail saw. " foto @quite_unfair

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Перепутанные Сериал (2019) смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама Россия

Official Instagram actress Yulia Takshina (Yulia Takshina) / Photo - Video

Перепутанные Сериал (2019) смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама Россия

Footage from the TV series “Confused” 2020 Channel One | Photos of actors


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