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About the music project “Songs on the channel TNT 2 season” 2019 / Russia

В In full swing is the selection of participants in the transfer of "Songs on TNT" with Timati and Basta. This 2 season has absolutely nothing in common with the previous one: producer Max Fadeev was sitting in the tutor's chair, but he did not sit in the chair again. And his place was taken by Vasyl Vakulenko, the leader of the creative association “Gas-holder”, which is popular in the world of show business, like Basta. The second jury member was invariably Timati from BlackStar.

The number of applications just struck the editorial office, about thirty thousand musicians wanted to get into the vocal show, and this greatly exceeds the questionnaires sent in the first season. The show “Songs” 2019 passes several periods of competition. The initial consists of nine releases, that is, there are castings where talents are selected, and then begin the selection of singers in the labels. This process is considered to be quite responsible, because then twenty people will be able to go on, that is, each “teacher” in the team will have ten talents.

Over the next two months, the excitement will be in the air, because the contestants will have the opportunity to participate in seven concerts. In the first season there was a part of reality, that is, the audience could watch not only the performances of vocalists, but also their daily lives, but now they decided to give up on this, but they value authorship and originality of works more highly.


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Genres: Shows, Musical, Children
Year of creation: 2019
Release date in RF: 16 February 2019
Country: Russia
TV channel: TNT - Comedy Club Production
Talented children
Duration: 60 min.
Jury: Show Songs on TNT


The official instagram Pavel Volya (Pavel Volya) / Comedy Club / Photo-Video

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The official instagram singer Timati (Black Star) / Photo - Video

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Official Instagram Actresses Ekaterina Varnava (Ekaterina Varnava) | Photo - Video

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Images from the TV show “Songs on TNT”New 2 season 2019 | Photos of participants and the jury



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