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Смотреть фильм Петербург любовь до востребования 2019 онлайн все серии подряд с Пересильд на 1 канале

About the plot of the series “Petersburg. Love. Poste restante." 2019 Online / 4 Series / Melodrama / Channel One / Russia 

оthe main character touching series “Petersburg love on demand” 2019 online on Channel One becoming a young attractive person named Svetlana (Julia Peresild). She was born and lived all her life in a small town in the province. She works as a simple teacher at school. In principle, she is pleased with how her life is being built.

The girl is trying to find positive qualities in any unlucky day. Suddenly, the heroine of a melodramatic film had a chance to go to St. Petersburg for an interesting seminar. Sveta decided to go, air her brains, change the situation, albeit briefly. But she could not imagine what would be the result of such a journey.

In St. Petersburg, she made contact with a man, and immediately fell in love with him. Fedor works as an oil geologist. He immediately seemed like a positive guy. Svetlana really likes how a man behaves, that he always pays attention to her, this heroine, inexpressibly, flattered. Fedor, on the other hand, does not mind in his darling from the provinces.

She was not like girls who all the time lived in a huge metropolis. For her sake, the chosen one even managed to abandon the forthcoming important expedition. He is even ready to marry her. Well, who would have thought that the life of the protagonist immediately change, and she will be so happy? But she began to feel herself in a huge mansion of her beloved, as if in a golden cage.

Trailer | Premiere 31 July

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A country: Russia

Petersburg. Love. Poste restante. 2019 Channel 1 - Release date and information about the series:

Director: Dmitry Svetozarov
Screenwriters: Arkady Krasilshchikov, Dmitry Svetozarov
Operator: Gleb Klimov
Composer: Andrey Sigle

Actors: Julia Peresild, Sergey Peregudov, Alexander Ustyugov, Yuri Kuznetsov, Era Ziganshina, Rudolf Furmanov, Natalya Burmistrova, Sergey Mardar, Larisa Leonova, Tatyana Tuzova, Egor Bakulin

Production: Studio ASDS LLC
Premiere: 31 July 2019 (The first channel)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama, films about love



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The official instagram actress Julia Peresild (Julia Peresild) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram of actor Alexander Ustyugov (Alexander Ustyugov) - Photo / Video

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Images from the series “Petersburg. Love. Demand. ”2019 Russia - Melodrama | Photos of actors


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