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Letter by mistake serial (2019) Ukraine watch online free comedy

Smotret serial pismo po oshibke 2018 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Письмо по ошибке 2018 ОНЛАЙН БЕСПЛАТНО ВСЕ СЕРИИ ПОДРЯД МЕЛОДРАМА

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Letter by mistake / disgrace sheet” 2019 / Melodrama / Comedy / Ukraine

гThe main heroine of the series "Letter by mistake" 2019 online is a young girl named Anya. She is an architect for a large company. This is a very ambitious person, she does not stop there, so the heroine is sure that the day will come very soon when she will become a senior architect. The girl is looking forward to that day with great impatience.

And for the sake of achieving her own goal, she is ready to make every effort, to fully devote herself to her work, not sparing herself completely. He spends almost all his time at work. To tell the truth, she really deserves the position to which she aspires with all her heart. Only here the only person who stands in her way is her immediate superior. Svetlana is a very picky and insidious woman.

She is always too strict and biased about the work of the girl. Anna was engaged in the presentation of a new project, which should be presented to management. She was very worried and believed that this would help her to move up the career ladder. But Svetlana this presentation smashed to smithereens, and Anna was again left with nothing. One can only hope that there will be some factor that can distract Svetlana.

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A country: Ukraine

Letter of error / Refreshment list - Information about the series and the release date:

Director: Igor Zabara
Writers: Dmitry Pihur, Yuri Ryabchenko
Operator: Pavel Muravyov
Composers: Alexander Burmitsky, Yegor Herodov, Sergey Mogilevsky
Artist: Julia Balan
Producers: Alla Lipovetskaya, Marina Kvasova, Natalia Stribuk, Victoria Korogod, Yevgeny Lyashchenko, Roman Tkachenko, Tatiana Reka
Casting Director: Oksana Martynyuk

Actors: Elizaveta Faley, Daria Tregubova, Alexander Vedmensky, Olga Sumskaya, Evgenia Myakenkaya, Mikhail Dosenko, Sergey Shlyakhtyuk, Nikolai Butkovsky, Alitsia Omelchuk, Olga Morozova, Olga Moroz, Elena Hizhnaya, Sergey Dzyalik, Lev Somov

Production: Mamas Film Production
Premiere: 19 May 2018 (TRK “Ukraine”), 19 June 2019 (Home)
Genre: Melodrama, Comedy movies online


The official instagram actress Elizabeth Faley (Elizavetta Faley) / Photo - Video

The official instagram actress Daria Tregubova (Dasha Tregubova) / Photo - Video

Images from the series “Letter by mistake / Pomilkoviy list” 2019 channel Home | Photos of actors


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