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Five years later, the series (2018) watch online melodrama

Smotret serial pyat let spustya 2018 online besplatno Youtebem.com

Пять лет спустя сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама

About the plot of the series “Five years later” 2018 melodrama | Russia | Home Channel

Бhospital chamber with white walls leads the main character soap opera “Five years later” 2018 online in a confused state. Purposeful attempts to reconnect the past time with the present are not marked by success. It turned out only to recall that the modest assistant of the designer, working for mere pennies in the architectural bureau, alone pulls up the upbringing of the child.

The boss with superb success in the workplace aroused great envy on the part of Lisa. Former classmate Svetlana was lucky enough to marry well and climb the career ladder. The very same loser could only dream of raising the salary. The shy courtings from designer Nikolay did not evoke an ambitious colleague’s response.

Reflections, immersed in a void, interrupted due to the appearance of a doctor. Soon Elizabeth will find out the shocking truth. The fact is that after a car accident, the girl showed signs of temporary amnesia, which deprived her of pieces of memories from the period of recent years. The victim of an accident is a wealthy business man who lives in a luxurious mansion in the countryside with a loving husband named Alexander. The heroine becomes aware of the price she paid for her luxurious life ...


Melodramatic mini-series “Five years later”Watch online all series in a row 1- 4


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Country: Russia
Director: Natalia Uglitsky
Scriptwriters: Elena Karavaeshnikova, Gulya Sapargaliyeva
Operator: Gregory Bulkot
Composer: Alexey Artishevsky
Artist: Rezo Kasatkin
Producers: Elvira Potapenko, Lidiya Rakhimova, Igor Tolstunov, Dana Belchich

Actors: Marina Denisova, Alexander Ragulin, Timofey Karatayev, Diana Enakayeva, Irina Ukhanova, Alexey Grishin, Anna Galinova, Anna Gvozd, Polina Rashkina, Angelina Kuznetsova, Andrey Averyanov, Andrey Averyanov, Elizaveta Zaporozhets
Premiere: October 19 2018
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama

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