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Five minutes of silence 3 season Return of the series (2019) watch online for free

Smotret serial tyat minut tishini 3 sezon vozvrashenie 2019 youtebem.com

Фильм Пять минут тишины 3 Сезон Возвращение (2019) смотреть онлайн бесплатно Россия

About the plot of the series “Five minutes of silence-3 Return 2019 - 24 episodes / New Horizons 2021 - 12 episodes”Action movie | Drama | Russia | Channel NTV

В Russian TV series “Five minutes of silence 3 season Return” 2019 online The very difficult and dangerous service of the special unit EMERCOM of Karelia is shown. Almost every day when the guys go to the service, terrible situations and incidents occur. And there is no time to think about it, the guys need to make decisions very quickly, how to act and how to save the victims.

All team members are well aware that only their ability to make quick decisions can save a lot of lives every day. All team members are well trained and ready to help their neighbors always and everywhere. They are able to risk their lives for the sake of the person who is in a difficult situation, and for the sake of his partner. Alexander, a young guy who is going to undergo an internship, falls into this distribution squad.

He is not going to spend his whole life in Karelia. When he completes his internship and returns to serve in Moscow, a very influential relative will help him in this. From the very first day, he begins to conflict with the chief, Major Gireyev. During the service, Sasha realizes that he really likes the daughter of the major, who serves in the same unit. And young people start an affair. At first, the major does not like the choice of his daughter, but Sasha manages to show himself from the good side.

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Five minutes of silence-3 on NTV - Information about series:

A country: Russia

Directors: Igor Draka, Guzel Kireeva
Screenwriters: Evgeny Kuratov, Igor Sharov, Maria Mazurova, Elena Medvedeva, Victoria Zueva, Arkady Vysotsky, Ivan Biryukov
Operators: Alexander Burtsev, Alexander Vatalev
Composers: Ivan Burlyaev, Dmitry Noskov, Konstantin Kupriyanov
Artist: Andrey Rozin
Producers: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Evgeny Grigoriev, Nadezhda Grishina, Olga Polesitskaya, Igor Marin

Actors: Igor Lifanov, Roman Kurtsyn, Anna Peskova, Yevgeny Dmitriev, Oleg Andreev, Konstantin Vorobyov, Anastasia Stezhko, Yaroslav Zhalnin, Arthur Vakha, Vitaly Taks, Kirill Zhandarov, Alexander Kudrenko, Kira Kaufman, Igor Golovin, Nelli Popova, Arseniy Bogdanov, Alexander Kudrenko, Kira Kaufman, Igor Golovin, Nelli Popova, Arseny Bogorodko, Alexander Kudrenko, Kira Kaufman, Igor Golovin Alyona Savastova, Dunya Tarasova, Arthur Fedynko, Sergey Blednykh, Sergey Gamov, Sergey Stukalov, Boris Matveyev and others

Production: PRIOR Production with the participation of Green Film Studio
Premiere: February 23 2019 (NTV) May 4, 2021
Series: 24
Genre: Drama, thriller , films about rescuers and MES

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