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About the plot of the series “Spot / Leke" 2019 / Drama / Melodrama / Turkey

Дanny new Turkish TV series Spot / Leke 2019 online from channel D will tell viewers how tragic the fate of one family is. We'll have to think about whether white comes after the black bar. Life is able to drastically change plans, and prepares a person for something we can not expect at all, and this does not always happen on time.

Suddenly, a huge heap of problems and troubles fell on Yasemin and Murata - their parents died in a car accident. After this incident, the children had to go to an orphanage. Of course, such a life greatly hardened orphans, they learned to be brave, to pass through many difficulties with dignity, to be able to defend themselves and be responsible for all their actions.

But thanks to this, the relationship between brother and sister was very strong, they were a mountain for each other. Yasemin was the keeper of the hearth. When she became an adult, she immediately left the shelter and went to earn money to pick up her younger brother from such conditions.

She works as a waitress all day long, counts every penny as much as she can. She dreams of the day when she and her brother will be reunited. Once in an institution where the girl worked, an important event took place, and there were many wealthy and influential people. And here the heroine meets with Jem.

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Spot / Leke 2019 - Information about the series:

A country: Turkey
Director: Metin Balekoglu
Film studio: Tims, B Production, Channel D

Actors: Burak Sevinch, Nilufer Achykalyn, Selahattin Pashaly, Melis Sezen, Selen Ucher, Tolga Gulech, Asly Turanly
Premiere: April 2019 turkey series watch online Leke
Episode Length: 2 h. 30 min
Genre: Melodrama, drama, love series

Official instagram Turkish actress Melis Sezen (Melis Sezen) / Photo / Video

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The official instagram Turkish actor Burak Sevincha (Burak Sevinc) / Photo - Video

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