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Bad Santa 2 movie (2) watch online USA comedy for free

Smotret plohoy santa 2 2016 online youtebem.com

Watch the movie Bad Santa 2 2 online New Year's comedy for free in good quality hd 2016-720 USA

About the plot of the film "Bad Santa 2 / Bad Santa 2" 2016 | Comedy | Drama | Crime | 18+ | USA

В center of attention New Year's comedy film “Bad Santa 2” 2016 online there is a man named Willie (Billy Bob Thornton), which can not be called an exemplary citizen. In order to make money, the hero is ready to go to any risky business. If we are talking about a large sum of money, the hero is ready to change clothes in Santa and spoil the holiday for children.

His life principles remained the same. He drinks a lot of alcohol, constantly smokes and does not miss the chance to sleep with some beauty. One day, Willie falls into a severe depression and is thinking about taking her own life.
However, the sudden proposal of Marcus, who recently got out of prison, saves him from this rash act.

The years spent in custody did not affect the insidious dwarf. He offers his accomplice to forget all quarrels and contradictions and again change into New Year's costumes in order to commit a robbery. This time their choice falls on a charity that raises funds to help the homeless.

On New Year's Eve, a huge amount of money should be collected here. They develop a special plan that will help them achieve their goal. Agreeing to commit this crime, Willie could not even imagine that his elderly mother would join them and become the third robber.


The film “Bad Santa 2 ″ 2016 watch online in high quality hd 720-1080


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Watch movie "Bad Santa 2 / Bad Santa 2" (2016) online in good quality HD 720 free New Year comedy in English The language can also be used on tablets and smartphones: Android, iPad, iPhone (iPad, iPhone, Android) and other mobile devices Smotret film plokhoy santa 2 2016 online besplatno on the entertainment site youtebem.com

Tagline: “Even more wild. Even more pissed. Even worse "


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Bad Santa 2 2 - INFO ABOUT FILM:

A country: USA

Director: Mark Waters
Screenwriters: Sean Cross, Glenn Ficarra, John Recua
Operator: Theo van de Sande
Artist: Isabelle Guay
Producers: Andrew Gunn, Geyer Kosinski, Jeffrey Lampert, Zann Devine, Adam Fields, Daniel Hammond, Gabriel Hammond, David Thwaites, Mark Waters
Actors: Christina Hendricks, Billy Bob Thornton, Katie Bates, Ryan Hansen, Brett Kelly, Tony Cox

Production: Broad Green Pictures, Miramax
Premiere: November 23, 2016 (world), December 1, 2016 (Russia)
Genre: Comedy foreign crime, drama, movies about New Year



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