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By the Law of Love serial (2018) watch online melodrama Ukraine

Smotret serial po pravu lubvi 2018 Ukraina youtebem.com

By the Law of Love serial (2018) watch online melodrama Ukraine

Ukrainian series “On the Law of Love / For the Right of Love” 2018-2019 watch online for free all series in a row 1- 8

Мelodramatic series "By the law of love online" 2018 will acquaint his audience with best friends who can always act together in any situation. There was never a problem between Petya and Nikolai. In any situation, the comrades found a way to find a compromise and not to conflict. Even the appearance of the girl Anna (Anastasia Ivanova) did not allow strong friendships to fall apart.

Two young people fell in love with a pretty lady, but they still let her decide which of them she would like to stay with. Time passes. Peter and Anya go down the aisle. They have everything perfect and, starting to watch the series “By the Right of Love”, you will be able to verify this. When a young family has a baby, a caring father decides to make more money.

He and a friend are hired on a fishing vessel, but due to carelessness Petya dies while disappearing without a trace. A young widow agrees to comfort the comrade. Kolya gradually, from a good acquaintance, becomes a reliable support for Ani. For the sake of the child, the widow is getting married re-leading a calm measured lifestyle.

But the idyll does not last long after the spouses get acquainted with another happy couple: the girl Irena and her husband, in which the stunned Anna and Nikolai immediately recognize Peter. With amazement, they understand that Peter does not recognize them at all: he doesn’t remember the past at all, and the chance that he will remember is zero ... And from this moment in her life new trials and adventures begin.

Watch the serial “By the Law of Love / For the Right of Love” 2018 all series in a row online for free 1 Channel + 1, Ukraine

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Смотреть soap opera “For the right of love / For the right of love” 2018-2019 online Ukrainian film about love and family in good quality HD 720 all series in a row 1-8 for free on 1 + 1 channel - it is also possible on tablets and smartphones android, ipad, iphone (iPad, iPhone, Android) and on other mobile devices smotret serial po pravu lubvi online Ukraina on the entertainment site youtebem.com
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A country: Ukraine

Director: Maya Somova
Screenwriters: Tatiana Gnedash, Yaroslava Segal, Elena Pislariy, Anastasia Leschinskaya, Philip Markovich, Yulia Vasilyeva
Operator: Roman Nizhnik
Artist: Daria Smirnova
Producers: Tatiana Gnedash, Darina Zhukova, Denis Ponomarenko, Daria Orishkevich

Actors: Anastasia Ivanova, Vadim Golovko, Alexander Rudko, Vladlena Marchak, Olga Radchuk, Anastasia Bunin, Elena Bondareva-Repina, Pavel Moskal, Vladimir Zayets, Boris Knizhenko, Vladimir Necheporenko, Konstantin Danilyuk, Akmal Gurezov, Antonina Makarchuk

Production: "ARTFORMS PRODUKTION" at the request of the “1 + 1 Studio” shopping and entertainment center
Premiere: 10 December 2018 (1 + 1, Ukraine), 14 September 2019 (Home)
Series: 8
Genre: Melodrama about love



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