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Смотреть фильм По щучьему велению 2018 все серии мелодрама с Евгенией Нохриной Украиана

About the plot of the Ukrainian series "By magic" 2018 / Melodrama / Channel Ukraine

пThe preparation for the upcoming competitions was in full swing. Mini heroineTV series "By the Pike" 2018 online Katya (Evgenia Nohrina) was the hope of the whole team and trained hard. Preparation for the competition, which is already on the nose, is in full swing. She is the hope of the whole team. She understands the full degree of responsibility entrusted to her, and therefore strengthened trained every time.

The main element of the speech was given to her very difficult, but she was not going to give up and steadfastly repeated movement for movement. At some point, the girl lost her balance and due to inertia, the heroine suffered an injury. The result of the doctors after the necessary examination is not comforting, and I had to refuse to participate in the tournament.

On the same day, she breaks up with her young man, and the girlfriend caught her friend in a mean-spirited betrayal. To avoid meeting unpleasant personalities on the street, Catherine decided to go to her grandmother. A small village outside the city should be a great place for rehabilitation, both body and soul, but again everything goes according to plan.

The heroine of the movie was warming up in the morning, and a local young man noticed her. The pair started a dialogue, but their first impression was rather vague. The residents began to talk about the fact that a city resident appeared in the village, and everyone began to go to her house to see what their neighbor's granddaughter looked like.

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A country: Ukraine, Russia

According to the decree, 2018 - Information about the series and the release date:

Directed by: Peter Stepin, Anna Erofeeva
Screenwriters: Edina Umerova, Leonid Amirov, Irina Levi, Albina Foroshchuk
Operators: Egor Antonov, Yuri Osaulenko
Composers: Vladimir Sayko, Andrey Zadvorny
Artists: Valery Yurkevich, Oksana Ozirnaya
Producers: Egor Yuzbashev, Vitaly Sirenko

Actors: Evgenia Nokhrina, Ivan Zhvakin, Anna Kazyuchits, Nadezhda Antsipovich, Igor Sigov, Maxim Bragynets, Mikhail Kaminsky, Maxim Krechetov, Kirill Novitsky, Stanislav Savostin, Valentin Tomusyak, Yulia Shugar, Angelica Girich, Yury Yakovlev-Sukhanov, Sukhanov, Yushlev Sukhanov, Yevlevy, Sukhanov, Yushev Sukhar

Series: 4
Premiere: 18 March 2018 (TRC Ukraine) March 30 2018 (Russia-1)
Genre: Melodrama

The official instagram actress Evgeniya Nokhrina (Evgeniya Nokhrina) / Photo - Video

Images from the series “By the Pike” 2018 Ukraine | Photos of actors



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