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Winning Time Movie (2013) watch online free thriller USA

Smotret film pobezhdaya vremya 2013 online youtebem.com

Смотреть драму с Полом Уокером Считанные часы 2013 онлайн в хорошем качестве hd 720-1080

About the plot of the film "Winning Time / Hours" 2013 | Drama | Thriller | USA

аmerikansky dramatic heartbreaking 2013 Winning Time Movie Online tell the viewer about the terrible events that occurred from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in the distant 2005 year. The west coast of America often suffers from various kinds of hurricanes and natural disasters. The tragedy unfolded in the summer, in August. The catastrophe was very different from others that have recently met on this territory.

The devastating power of hell hurricane caused the deaths of many people. The land was at the mercy of the elements. People were powerless to do anything and died in the eyes of one another. It seemed that the end of the world had come. The main character has experienced a great shock. During the birth of his wife died. Doctors put a lot of effort to save the child.

The girl's life hung in the balance and depended on the hospital equipment. Against the background of events unfolding outside the window, the life of the baby was under threat. The hurricane raged with tremendous force. The evacuation began, and the main character had to fight for his own life and save his beloved daughter. He holds the child in his arms, and soon marauders will appear who are ready to destroy everyone and everything.



 “Winning Time / Watch Time” movie 2013 watch online hd 720-1080



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Winning Time / Hours 2013 - INFORMATION ABOUT FILM:

A country: USA

Director: Eric Heisserer
Writer: Eric Heisserer
Operator: Iron Presan
Composer: Benjamin Wallisch
Artists: William E. Elliott, Raymond Pumilia
Produced by: Peter Saphran, Paul Walker, Dan Clifton, Kevin Scott Frykes, Brandon Birtall, Alyssa M. Kantrow
Casting Director: Ryan Glorioso
Actors: Paul Walker, Genesis Rodriguez, Shane Jacobson, Johannes Miles, Jude Lormand, Kerry Cahill, Nick Gomez, Natalia Safran

Production: Safran Company, The, PalmStar Media, Hours Capital
Premiere: 10 March 2013 (USA)
Genre: Thrillers, dramasocial drama



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Screenshots of “Winning the time / Watch in hours” 2013 USA | Photos of actors


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