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There is no tears in the rain (2018) watch online for free

Smotret film Pod dozhdem ne vidno slez 2018 Youtebem.com

About the plot of the film “No Tears In The Rain” 2018 Online / Melodrama / Russia 1

ОThe main characters of the melodrama, Andrei and Sonya, once had warm feelings for each other. Relationship heroes film “No tears in the rain” 2018 online could develop further and reach a serious level, but the events were quite different. The separation made the guys forget about old love and move on. Now each of them has a soul mate with whom they have to grow old and die in one day.

Soon the guy decides to return his first love and start everything from scratch, thereby correcting the mistakes of the past. Presented turn of events makes you think about the consequences of their own choice. The fleeting passion that has burst into the inside of a young man may not last long and, as a result, destroy the established relations in two cells of society at once.

However, there is another way that this couple can go - a prosperous life, built from the bricks of trust and understanding. Interesting answers to questions can only be obtained with the passage of time, when lovers take a certain step forward or backward. A number of very difficult situations are drawn in a dramatic story. A lot of unpleasant moments, along with fleeting happiness, resonate simultaneously, clouding the consciousness of the main characters.

Melodrama “No tears in the rain” 2018


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Watch the film "There are no tears in the rain" (2018) online soap opera on the Russia channel 1 melodrama in good quality HD 720 can also be on tablets and smartphones Android, iPad, iPhone (iPad, iPhone, Android) and on other mobile devices. Smotret film Pod dozhdem ne vidno slez online entertainment site youtebem.com
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A country: Russia
Director: Gleb Yakubovsky
Screenwriter: Catherine Anderson
Operator: Alexey Makeev
Composer: Vladimir Sajko
Artist: Valery Yurkevich
Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Egor Yuzbashev
Actors: Elena Aroseva, Alexey Gimmelreykh, Alexey Demidov, Tatyana Yankevich, Svetlana Nikiforova, Masha Bondareva, Irina Narbekova
Genre: Romance

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