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About the plot of the series "Under voltage" 2019 online / 32 series / Detective / Drama / Thriller / NTV Channel / Russia

Гthe main hero Live TV series 2019 online on NTV becomes a clinical psychologist named Andrei Vysokov (Sergey Astakhov) who is a pretty successful person. His fate took shape in the way he imagined. He holds a good position in one of the most prestigious organizations.

Andrei is the head of the department. He is an excellent specialist, professional psychologist. Different people come to him for help with the most incredible psychological problems and troubles, and the man never refuses anyone. He takes on every case that goes to him and brings him to its logical conclusion.

It is very important for him to help people who are in trouble. Even those patients who have already lost their faith in the fact that everything will be fine, and find it in the office of the main character. For him, there are practically no unsolvable cases and cases that the others consider to be hopeless.

The man wrote many works, goes to a variety of trainings and even began to lead courses for young professionals. Andrey is proud of himself and knows that he is engaged in a kind and noble cause. But he had never thought before that all his knowledge and skills could be useful in investigating a series of murders by law enforcement in a small seaside town. Although it is not surprising.

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A country: Russia

Live 2019 - Release Date and Information series:

Director: Stanislav Mareev
Screenwriters: Renat Khairullin, Vyacheslav Tkachev, Dmitry Petrovsky, Elena Vakhrusheva, Mikhail Sokolovsky, Maxim Deputies
Operator: Andrey Kuznetsov
Artist: Andrey Talovirov
Producers: Timur Weinstein, Yuliya Sumachyova

Actors: Sergey Astakhov, Nina Gogaeva, Ruben Simonov, Victor Ryabov, Andrei Lavrov, Alexander Kuznetsov, Dmitry Nikonov, Alexander Nikitin, Denis Doronin, Gamaz Sandulyan, Igor Nesvetaev, Ekaterina Golovina, Marina Kovaleva, Alexey Ovsyannikov, Anton Ushakov, Inna Khoteenkova, Anastasia Chueva, Valentina Koshkina, Alexander Bogdanov, Dmitry Dyachenko, Marina Weinbrand, Elena Ponomareva, Ksenia Sokolova

Production: White Media
Premiere: Update 2019 (NTV)
Series: 32
Genre: Detectives, thrillers, drama


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Images from the series “Under tension”2019 NTV Russia | Photos of actors

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