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About the plot of the series "Defendant" 2019 | Detective | Drama | Russia | NTV channel

Оthe main character detective series “The Defendant” 2019 online on NTV channel is Andrei Klimov (Dmitry Palamarchuk), this is a talented investigator, a true professional. At least, he was so until recently. But his life is changing dramatically, and moreover, not for the better. He was often offered to occupy a good position, where the prospect was to rise as high as possible, and his salary there is no match for the current one.

But the man always rejected such proposals. He did not want to sit in the office, but to personally investigate in order to find and detain the criminals. He did not even imagine that his life could be any different. In the personal life of the hero of a serial film, everything is also great. Houses are always laid table loving wife Julia (Alisa Gorshkova), and they had a beautiful daughter. Not so long ago, Andrei received a difficult and rather complicated affair.

The president of a large and influential company was found dead. Such things are always public. Therefore, the killer must be found as soon as possible. But the investigation went more than ever slowly. There was no special evidence. But Klimov managed to get on the trail of the criminal. There was no doubt that the brother of the dead was behind this murder, moreover, it was his twin. The motives were more believable than ever.

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Defendant - Information about the series and release date:

A country: Russia

Director: Maxim Brius
Screenwriter: Igor Poor
Operator: Stanislav Mikhailov
Composer: Denis Davydov
Artist: Dmitry Tselikov
Producers: Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov

Actors: Dmitry Palamarchuk, Peter Rykov, Elena Vozhakina, Andrei Terentyev, Vladimir Litvinov, Anton Gulyaev, Maria Russkikh, Andrei Marusin, Alexander Rybakov, Igor Denisov, Vladimir Chernyshov, Vadim Burlakov, Peter Tereshchenko, Andrei Aladin, Vitaly Biserov, Ruslan Kitayhorodsky

Production: Triix Media
Premiere: 22 April 2019 (NTV)
Series: 16
Genre: crime moviedetectives online, drama

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  1. Santi He speaks

    Copied from the Korean series) we copy everything from everyone) when we already learn how to shoot!

  2. Alice He speaks

    Liked the series. Syper. All the actors are great. Is the continuation going?

    1. merkator He speaks

      To our and your regret, Alice, we do not know about the continuation (

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