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Let's go! Series (2020) STS watch online free all series comedy

Smotret series rushed 2019-2020 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Погнали! СТС 2019-2020 сериал все серии с Ольгой Медынич и Трухиным комедия HD 720-1080

About the plot of the series “Let's go! / Speed ​​» 2019-2020 online / Adventure / Comedy / STS Channel

Вthe city of Krasnoyarsk, a large family lives. The heroes of the adventure comedy series “Chased!” 2020 online were ordinary people who did not stand out. One fine day, the youngest daughter of heroes won a popular song contest. She had a talent for singing from birth.

She had a great chance to perform a song on an international tour. But one problem loomed, she needed to speak in the capital of Belarus. The most important task at this stage was that she persuade her parents, and they let her go to Minsk.

To the heroine’s surprise, her parents decided to take this step and go on a trip to Krasnoyarsk in Minsk. They wanted to do everything possible so that the daughter would speak and feel support from them. Well, it so happened that they go on a trip with the whole family. There were many obstacles in their path, and in the future, they fell into adventures that completely fascinated them.

They met new people, and met numerous problems that were already waiting for them. But they really wanted the girl to appear at the contest, and they were ready, absolutely for anything. Well, a series of interesting events took place at the competition itself. How the girl performed, won or not, all this can be found out only after watching the series to the end.

Trailer for the series "Let's Go!" | Premiere July 6 2020 

Watch the series “Let's Go!” 2019-2020 all series 1-21 in a row in good quality hd 720-1080

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Russian series “Let's go! / Speed ​​”2020 - Release Date and Series Information: 

A country: Russia

Director: Ilya Kazankov
Operator: Sergey Dyshuk
Casting Director: Elena Vneskikh

Actors: Olga Medynich, Mikhail Trukhin, Irina Pegova, Dmitry Lysenkov, Artyom Fadeev, Alexandra Kiseleva, Alexander Bulatov, Vitaly Kornienko, Ivan Efremov, Masha Lobyntseva, Ruslan Smirnov, Arseny Sergeev, Miroslav Mikhailova

Production: "Art Pictures Vision" with the participation of "Barbarian Studio", STS
Premiere: July 6 2020
Series: 21
Genre: Adventure, family series, sitcom,  family filmscomedy


Instagram | The official Instagram of actress Olga Medinich | Photos - Video


Смотреть фильм Погнали! СТС 2019-2020 сериал все серии с Ольгой Медынич и Трухиным комедия HD 720-1080


Instagram | The official Instagram of actress Irina Pegova (Irina Pegova) / Photo - Video


Смотреть фильм Погнали! СТС 2019-2020 сериал все серии с Ольгой Медынич и Трухиным комедия HD 720-1080


Images from the series “Chase!” 2020 / Comedy on the channel STS | Photos of actors



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