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Chasing the past TV series (2017) watch for free all series online

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Smotret serial Pogonya za proshlim

Russian series “Chasing the past” 2017 watch online for free detective all series in a row 1- 16 Russia

ВArvar Zhuravleva (Maria Sinyaeva) connected their lives with medicine, enrolling in the appropriate university. In his student years, the heroine criminal series “Chasing the past” 2017 manifested an extraordinary talent for his chosen occupation. Subsequently, to get a job for a girl was not difficult, she performed her official duties conscientiously.

Smotret serial Pogonya za proshlim

But some circumstances forced the main character of the film to postpone the medical case on the back burner. Now the girl is in the service of the police. Despite significant differences from the previous conditions, Zhuravleva was able to adapt in a short period of time. The new form almost did not change the desire of Vari to help people. In the team, the girl gained respect from her colleagues, her intellectual abilities, dedication and perseverance were especially valued.

The very first affairs of Barbara were given with great difficulty, but, being a newcomer, she managed to uncover especially grave crimes causing difficulties even to the most experienced employees. Persons from the criminal world realized all the danger posed by the newly minted law enforcement officer, therefore they immediately took measures to intimidate her, hoping to get rid of the insistent girl.



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Director: Alan Dzociev
Scenario: Evgeny Ivanov
Produced by: Ada Staviskaya
Operator: Timur Iskyandarov
Genre: Detectivecrime
Cast: Maria Sinyaeva, Konstantin Strelnikov, Anton Yuriev, Vyacheslav Malezhik, Yuri Baturin, Andrey Nekrasov, Mikhail Grishin, Andrey Smelov, Sergey Umanov, Vladimir Postnikov

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