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Смотреть драму погружение с Алисой Викандер кино в хорошем качестве HD 720 - 1080

About the plot of the film "Submergence / Submergence" 2018 | Thriller | Melodrama | Drama | Germany | France | Spain | USA

Гthe main hero of the action Movie "Immersion" 2018 Online Special Agent Daniel (James McAvoy) constantly have to go on dangerous tasks. And each investigation may be his last. James Moore (Alicia Vikander) - an attractive young girl who has dedicated her life to what is studying life in the depths of the ocean. Every time she sinks to a great depth, she risks not to surface again.

Two of these strong and brave people meet quite by chance on the ocean. They immediately begin to feel sympathy for each other. Together they manage to spend some of the most amazing days in their lives. Every minute together is filled with sincere feelings. But because of the work of Daniel, the couple will have to be separated. The agent must travel to Somalia to conduct a secret operation there.

And the girl needs to plunge once again into the depth that no one has studied before, and conduct her own investigations there. They could refuse the next tasks and spend time together with each other, but the work is their life, and it is simply impossible to refuse it. The lovers confess their love and agree to meet again soon. But James falls into the death trap, and Daniel is captured by his opponents. Will they be able to escape and meet again, as they had planned?



Movie “Immersion” 2018 with Alicia Wickander look is free online HD 720-1080


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The slogan of the film - "Love frees"


You have never been here - FILM INFORMATION:

A country: USA, France, England, Spain

Director: Wim Wenders
Screenwriter: Erin Dignam
Operator: Benoit Déby
Composer: Fernando Velasquez
Artist: Thierry Flaman
Producers: Juan Gordon, Adrian Politovsky, Cameron Lamb, Stephan Mellmann, Christopher Shand, Kim H. Winter, Kevin Scott Frykes, James Gibb, Robert Ogden Barnum

Actors: James McAvoy, Alicia Vikander, Alexander Siddig, Celine Jones, Alex Hafner, Reda Kateb, Mohamed Hakimshadi, Loic Corbury, Harvey Friedman, Godechard Guise, Jean-Pierre Laurie, Yannick Schümann, Charlotte Rampling

Premiere: September 10 2017 (Toronto International Film Festival, Canada), January 18 2018 (Russia)
Production: Backup Films, Neue Road Movies, Palmstar Media, Umedia, Morena Films, Waterstone Entertainment, Green Hummingbird Entertainment, Lila 9th Productions
Premiere: Genre: Melodrama, thrillerdrama



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