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Смотреть Поле чудес все новые выпуски и старые подряд онлайн на 1 канале

About the plot of the program "Field of Dreams" 2019-2021 on Channel One / Show / Entertainment / Russia

сAmong the huge number of programs on television, which is becoming every day more and more, this field show “The Field of Miracles” is somehow separate. A lot of rumors and myths go around this popular show, its creation becomes a particularly interesting topic. One of these versions says that the founder of the TV company VID is named Vladislav Listyev.

Being on a business trip abroad, once in a hotel room, I saw a program on TV called The Wheel of Fortune. The man immediately decided that it was necessary to make an analogue on domestic television. Another version is quite similar to the previous one, but here it is said that the journalist Alexander Gurnov told about the “Wheel of Fortune” on his arrival from America.

Anyway, October 25 1990 of the year for the first time appeared on the TV show “Field of Miracles”. Vlad Listyev personally decided to take the microphone in his hands and present the first three players to the viewers, and this action took place every Friday throughout the year.

But suddenly the man decided to move away from the project, so as not to stand still, but to be realized further. After him, many people managed to try their luck to become the program leader, but then the microphone fell into the hands of someone without whom it can hardly be imagined, and this is of course the popular favorite - Leonid Yakubovich.

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    • Genres: Shows, Hobbies and Hobbies
    • Year of creation: 1990
    • Release date in RF: 25 October 1990
    • A country: Russia
    • TV channel: First 1
    • Presenters: Leonid Yakubovich, Vlad Listyev


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