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About the plot of the film Midnight Sun 2018 online | Drama | Melodrama | USA 

ЮNaya Katie Price (Bella Thorne) was born with ailment. For the main character of the movie “Midnight Sun” 2018 online sunlight is destructive and therefore she has to stay at home for days. Naturally this is just awful and only when the sun is hiding can she go outside. The life of the protagonist is just awful and so for the whole seventeen years she did everything the same.

In her spare time, the main character of the touching drama writes poems that are very good. As soon as the gloom comes, she goes out and tries to catch up on the lost day. But very soon she would meet a guy and begin to experience something for him that she had not had before. She really fell in love with Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger) and the young man reciprocated her.

The real feelings arose between the guys and it seemed that nothing could stop them from enjoying this life. But the situation began to take drastic momentum. It turns out that Katie did not tell him the truth about her illness, because she was afraid that Charlie might leave her. Naturally, this is just awful and she will soon decide on something she has never allowed herself before. The situation will develop in such a way that she will probably have to go out into the street during the day and risk her life.



Film “Midnight Sun” 2018 watch online free hd 1080 USA


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A country: USA, China, Canada

Director: Scott Speer
Writer: Eric Kristen
Operator: Carsten Gopinat
Composer: Nate Walcott
Artist: Eric Fraser
Producers: David Boyes, Jen Gatien, John Ricard, Zach Schiller, Hiroki Latitude, James McGowf, Alan Ou

Actors: Bella Thorn, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Quinn Shepard, Ken Tremblett, Jenn Griffin, Nicolas Cumbe, Thiera Skovby, Paul McGillion, Austin Obiajanwa, Alex Pangburn, Rob Riggl

Premiere: 22 March 2018 (world), 22 March 2018 (Russia)
Production: Boies / Schiller Film Group, Wrigley Pictures
Genre: Melodrama, drama, youth Movies online

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