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About the plot of the series "Last battle / Tank" 2019 online / History / Drama / Military / NTV Channel / Russia

ДThe action of the military film “Last Battle” 2019 online takes place in June of 1941. People still live a peaceful life and go about their business, unaware of the danger. The Soviet Union was engaged in the development of the latest model of the tank. T-34 in its performance should be superior to any other weapon, the testing of which should occur at a military training ground. To this end, the crew on the tank is sent to the destination.

Residents still do not know that the war has already begun, and armed to the teeth units of the German army are operating on our territory. The crew on the bridge meets a truck with passengers. But it turns out that this is the enemy. The tank was made in a single copy, and the enemy is significantly superior in strength. But this is our land, and a Soviet soldier at all costs will keep his line. The crew commander and a group of local residents decide to repel the enemy.

This will be the first battle of the famous T-34 tank, which became the best during the Great Patriotic War. Russian soldiers will be in an unequal battle. On the side of the Germans are many military equipment with firepower. However, the Germans are not yet familiar with all the capabilities and maneuverability of the Soviet tank. Let this fight for the crew be the last, but they will fulfill their duty to the Motherland and demonstrate the strength of our new combat vehicle.

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A country: Russia

Last battle / Tank - Information about the series and release date:

Director: Vitaly Vashchenko.
Cast: Mikhail Khmurov, Igor Petrusenko, Vladimir Goreslavets, Anastasia Ivanova, Yevgeny Lamakh, Boris Smolkin, etc.

Production: Ukraine
Premiere: 9 May 2019 (NTV)
Genre: Drama, historical series about the Great Patriotic the war

The official instagram actress Anastasia Ivanova (Anastasiya Ivanova) / Photo / Video

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