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Last Hero. Actors vs. Psychics (2019) watch online

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Последний герой Актёры против экстрасенсов 2019 все выпуски смотреть онлайн

TV show “The last hero Actors against psychics on TV-3 all releases in a row | Russia 

Нon TV-3 appears the show "The Last Hero: Actors against psychics", which previously had a huge popularity. This project first appeared in Sweden in the 1997 year, and in many countries loved it very much. After some time in the world they began to create similar TV shows, and they were not inferior to the original by ratings. First, the program “Expedition Robinson” was created, and then “Survivor”. Now the struggle is between two teams, in which eight people each.

Participants must go to Palawan Island, which is located in the Philippines, and here in uninhabited places to try to survive. There will be psychics among the participants, and famous actors will play against them. Everyone took the initiative to take part in the show, and someone has special motivations for this.

Someone dreamed of such an adventure, sitting in front of TV screens and watching the past seasons, and someone wants to test his strength and show that he is capable of in difficult life situations, and someone believes that he can improve his life And the project can help with this.

Well, where do without those who agreed to take part in the show because of financial gain, because the winner will become the owner of two million rubles. Travelers will have to spend on the island for two whole months. They at this time give up all the benefits of civilization. Heroes will have to go through many different tests.

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      • Genres: Reality Show
      • Year of creation: 2019
      • Host: Yana Troyanova
      • Release date in RF: 2 March 2018
      • Country: Russia
      • Channel: TV-3
      • Participants: Yulia Alexandrova, Namtar Enzigal, Irina Bezrukova, Ilya Glinnikov, Roman Mayakin, Natalia Medvedeva, Artur Smolyaninov, Artem Suchkov, Anfisa Chernykh, Denis Vysotsky, Victoria Komakhina, Nicole Kuznetsova, Tatyana Larina, Aida Martirosyan, Ivan Pakhomov

    The official instagram actress Yana Troyanova (Yana Troyanova) / Photo - Video

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