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Смотреть фильм Последняя неделя 2019 на канале Россия 1 все серии подряд мелодрама

About the plot of the series "The last week" 2019 / Melodrama / Channel Russia 1

Гmain characters series “Last week” 2019 online Sergey and Lyubov live together, and at work they are always together, because they work as surgeons. They have a little daughter, and in the hospital they always support each other. A man is committed to developing an artificial heart, and his work is already at the last stage.

But the happy life of this family was cut short at the moment when a car accident occurred, which took the life of their daughter. The couple were in great shock, they could not survive such an event together and filed for divorce. Suddenly, Natal, who has a bad heart, gets to the hospital.

The survey showed that an urgent need to carry out the operation. The heart needs to be transplanted, but the heart, for which her father, Yuri, fought, got to another patient. If you sit waiting for another organ, the patient may simply not survive. We need to do something.

Yuri decides to pick up Natasha and take him to his own island. There he called Sergei, who wanted to apply his scientific knowledge and development, in which he was engaged. But he cannot cope with such a complex operation on his own, he needs help. It was decided to call Love, so she assisted the former spouse.

Trailer | 13 Premiere May 2019 

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Last week 2019 - Show information and release date:

A country: Russia

Director: Pavel Malkov
Writers: Dmitry Scherbakov, Oleg Tomashevsky
Composer: Maxim Koshevarov
Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Roman Kovalev
Actors: Maria Skuratova, Evgeny Sidikhin, Svetlana Antonova, Oleg Almazov, Andrey Finyagin, Alexey Shilnikov, Nadezhda Melnikova

Production: Atlantic Production and Film Company Wood
Premiere: 13 May 2019 (Россия 1)
Series: 8
Genre: Melodrama, films about family and Love

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Images from the series “Last week” 2019 channel Russia 1 | Photos of actors



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