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The last article of the journalist (2018) series watch for free all series

Watch the series “The last article of a journalist” (2018) online for free all 1-16 series consecutive crime in good quality HD 720 on NTV channel and entertainment website Youtebem.com

Smotret serial poslednyaya statya zhurnalista 2018 youtebem.com Youtebem.com

The action of the detective series “The Last Article of a Journalist” develops on a dramatic background that took place in the 90 in the notorious years of perestroika.

Russian detective series “The last article of a journalist” 2018 watch online for free all series in a row 1- 16 Russia

ДRussian drama action series «Latest journalist article "2018 online developing in the period of perestroika This time is marked by permissiveness, fierce competition and the destruction of censorship. The reader requires real facts from personal experience. Oleg Verkhovtsev is involved in all major events - a young correspondent whose duty is to surprise and attract the subscribers of the newspaper.

Смотреть сериал «Последняя статья журналиста» (2018) онлайн бесплатно все серии 1-16 подряд криминал в хорошем качестве HD 720 на канале НТВ и развлекательном сайте Youtebem.com
Smotret serial Youtebem.com

The manner of writing a young man is based on real cases. Soon the hero comes up with a very intriguing idea - to write about a man from the death row. Outlining such an article, rag ratings would instantly rise to the top. Oleg initially did not think about the tragic outcome of this story, and with the help of high-ranking acquaintances he achieves what he wants.

In connection with the fake confession, he finds himself at the place of his task, after which he must be pulled out. However, the circumstances are not the best way - everything turns against the main character. Now he is in custody not just for a false accusation, but is being treated in the case as a real killer of a girl whom he once sympathized with.

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Director: Evgeny Sologalov, Victor Tatarsky, Armenak Nazikyan
Scenario: Andrei Rumyantsev, Andrei Belozerov, Elena Zventuh, Andrei Tumarkin
Producer: Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov, Andrei Tumarkin, Zaytsev, Alexander Dulerain, Anton Schukin, Artem Loginov
Operator: Garik Zhamgaryan, Dmitry Plyusnin, Valery Mulhout
Production: Triix Media
Composer: Vitaly Mukanyaev
Genre: Drama, Crime, Detective, Thriller

Cast: Dmitry Palamarchuk, Agnia Ditkovskite, Vladimir Sterzhakov, Karen Badalov, Sergey Aprelsky, Ivan Brovin, Nikolay Auzin, Mikhail Kasapov, Igor Golovin, Yuri Nikolaenko, Ekaterina Rokotova, Artyom Herzen, Vladislav Reznik, Alexander Ivanov, Sergey Blednykh, Oksana Syrtsova , Nikolay Gorshkov, Vadim Smirnov, Victor Khozyainov, Maria Feklistova, Igor Grabuzov, Vladimir Artyomov, Vladimir Bogdanov

The official instagram actress Agnia Ditkovskite (Agniya Ditkovskite) / Photo / Video


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